[] Realm Knight Barrage - Tanky Caster (SR 75+)

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Barrage is one of four Realm Knights designed to be playable as a solo build, or to specifically complement the Realm Knights team for deep SR.


Barrage is a very sturdy and unrelenting caster. If you like magic, and like being able to tank most hits plainly on the nose, this is the build for you. She uses a combination of the Augur set and the Spellscourge set, to provide her and her team with healing and regeneration, and to reign down devastation upon her foes. She has great crit damage, decent DA and OA, 24,000 hp, Maiven’s Sphere of Protection for 20% damage absorption, Mirror of Ereoctes and Ascension panic buttons, brings 25% fumble and impaired aim to her enemies all to help reduce incoming damage from enemies.

On top of that, she brings a range of different healing abilities - Empyrion’s Touch and Apothecary’s Touch from the Augur set, Tip the Scales and Maul for lifesteal, and then Devastation itself which heals for 2% per rock per enemy.

Across these traits, she is incredibly tanky. While I haven’t pushed her solo in deep SR, I am presuming she can comfortably do 80, perhaps 85 on her own.

Team Benefits

In multiplayer, Barrage provides these team-wide benefits and noteworthy debuffs:

OA, DA and Crit Damage
+20% Crit Damage
+282 OA

+150% All Damage
+120% All Retaliation Damage
+126% Burn Damage
+126% Electrocute Damage
+10 +26% Elemental Damage
+126% Frostburn Damage
+45 Physical Damage

Healing and Health
+22% Healing Increase
+40% Health
+360 Health Regen
+1650 +19% Health Restored

Defensive Buffs
+25% Aether Resistance
+18% Chaos Resistance
+30% Fire Resistance
+5% Physical Resistance
+18% Vitality Resistance

Speed Buffs
+10% Total Speed

+25% Fumble
+25% Impaired Aim
-35% Armor
-25% Bleeding Resistance
-25% Elemental Resistance
-67% Physical Resistance
-32% Pierce Resistance
30% Slow

Enjoy~ :smiley:


Any tips for leveling this? Sorry im a noob but this looks fun.

I’d suggest going Oathkeeper first with Aegis of Menhir and RF and focus on physical damage as those + support skills will see you get through the campaign easily and then once you get elite start building out the Arcanist Mastery and put points where needed and then once you hit level 94 you can then spec fully into this build.

You’re going to want Beronath Reforged too for levelling once you hit level 75, since it’ll allow you convert RF and AoM to physical damage and make it more easy and use Devastation if you have the points + gear to convert aether to physical. Also means you can equip 3 out of 4 of the empowered version of the Apothecaries set if you want. As they have some good stats and 3/4 will get a 12% health increase.


mess do you have the build setup during the leveling process then the showed endgame build I’ve no fucking idea to go passive wise, I’ve oathkeeper as the 1st class but after that I’d don’t knw for the rest of passives, that’d is after the two abilities you’d recommended in using during the leveling process! peace.

the mess thanks for the tips I’d went the opposite way Arcanist 1st then oathkeeper at level 10 my bad on that front, if you’re on Xbox yet don’t mind helping me w the leveling so forth let me knw when you’re free the most on in the GD sense, have a nice weekend after Fri also week after this weekend peace out take care then.