[] Realm Knight Illuminance - Pets Support/Tank Build (SR75+)

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Illuminance is one of four Realm Knights designed to be playable as a solo build, or to specifically complement the Realm Knights team for deep SR.


Illuminance is designed to be an asset to any team she finds herself on, by providing healing and tankiness in a range of different forms. As a solo build, she is sturdy and capable, but slow compared to other petlords. Her focus is not on providing incredible damage, but she and her pets can deliver enough damage to get through all fights just fine.

She brings healing in these forms:

  • 2x Bird Pets with Mend Flesh
  • Blood of Dreeg heal skill
  • Bysmiel’s Authority heal skill
  • Healing Rain
  • Wendigo Totem

To further boost her damage and assist her allies, she comes with a high level Briarthorn and Hellhound, both of which help to tank, taking aggro and hits away from the teammates. Her resistance reductions are a little lacking as a solo build, as she is intended to be paired with the other Realm Knights (which assist with this drastically). But again, she does just fine as a soloist, if not a little slow.

Team Benefits

In multiplayer, Illuminance provides these team-wide benefits and noteworthy debuffs:

OA, DA and Crit Damage
+276 DA
+416 OA

+38 +72% Acid Damage
+110% All Damage
+495% All Retaliation Damage
+32% Bleeding Damage
+100% Burn Damage
+25 +100% Chaos Damage
+40 +155% Elemental Damage
+14 +100% Fire Damage
+95 +70% Physical Damage
+72% Poison Damage
+31 +179% Vitality Damage
+179% Vitality Decay Damage

Healing and Health
+48% Health
+381 +117% Health Regen
+2710 +74% Health Restored
+5% Lifesteal

Defensive Buffs
+105 Armor
+25% Aether Resistance
+42% Bleeding Resistance
+35% Elemental Resistance
+32% Physical Resistance
+36% Pierce Resistance
+100% Poison & Acid Resistance
+95% Slow Resistance

Speed Buffs
+24% Attack Speed

-75 DA
-25% Bleeding Resistance
-55% + 32 Reduced Target’s Elemental Resistance
-15% Physical Resistance
-25% Poison & Acid Resistance
-25% Vitality Resistance
-38% Movement Speed with 50% Reduced Target’s Total Speed
+23% Impaired Aim

Enjoy~ :smiley:

Why is the build labelled as when the GT is for Same for the other build you just posted.

I built these in a while ago, and instead of getting the original link that I’d saved in a .txt file somewhere, I just got a new link from grimtools as I was making these posts. What would you like me to do about this?

Nothing I guess. Was just curious why they didn’t match up. Have you tried the builds in to see how they compare? Or, if not, can you dig out the old GT links for them? Might make more sense if things have changed in

Sure thing. I’ve just checked the date of some of the videos that were made while recording the multiplayer sesh, from mid-September, so that’d place these builds back in I’ll see if I have some older links floating around.

I’m only just getting around to writing up about them all now… ^_^;