[] Realm Knight Shielder - High Buff Uptime Melee Tank

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Shielder is one of four Realm Knights designed to be playable as a solo build, or to specifically complement the Realm Knights team for deep SR.


Shielder is an incredibly tanky melee build, designed to provide incredible survivability to whoever happens to be lucky enough to join him. The concept around him is to have a very high uptime on his buffs. To help with this, he wears the Markovian’s Bastion set ( Markovian’s Vigilance provides -1.2 seconds to all currently active skill cooldowns every 4 seconds in combat), and uses the Time Dilation celestial power (-6 seconds to all currently active skill cooldowns). I believe Markovian’s Vigilance helps to reduce the cooldown of Time Dilation as well (but I don’t believe Time Dilation effects the cooldown of Markovian’s Vigilance).

Between these two procs, if lucky, this gives the following uptimes to the following team-wide buffs:

  • Touch of Purity: 70% uptime
  • Stone Form: 80% uptime
  • Menhir’s Bastion: 60% uptime

The important parts of these buffs, for Shielder and his team, include these:

  • Basically an immunity to almost all dot damage (100% reduction in duration; all except trauma).
  • 18% more health (important to survive those big crits)
  • 20% damage absorption
  • 400 damage absorption and again, 50% reduction to bleed/poison dots.

Between these, plus War cry to reduce enemy damage, Mark of Torment and Overguard for additional damage absorptions, and various heal skills (Touch of Purity, Menhir’s Bastion, Twin Fangs/Reaping Strike for lifesteal), 23,000 HP this build becomes incredibly tanky, even with only 30% physical resistance.

Skip to 2:45 in the video to see him managing a massive pull. His damage is low, but his survivability is incredible. Both his damage and survivability are significantly bolstered when teamed with the other Realm knights.

Team Benefits

In multiplayer, Shielder provides these team-wide benefits and noteworthy debuffs:

OA, DA and Crit Damage
+100 DA
+100 OA

+235% All Damage
+115% All Retaliation Damage
+45 Physical Damage

Healing and Health
+18% Health
+600 +30% Health Restored

Defensive Buffs
+26% Armor
+400 +20% Damage Absorption

Speed Buffs
+14% Attack Speed
+14% Casting Speed
+10% Total Speed

230 Reduced Target’s DA
28% Reduced Target’s All Damage
-25% Aether Resistance
-8% Chaos Resistance
-8% Fire Resistance
-75% + 38 Reduced Target’s Physical Resistance
-32% Pierce Resistance
-25% Vitality Resistance
-18% Attack Speed
-15% Movement Speed
33% Slow

Enjoy~ :smiley: