[] Savagery Ritualist

There are some synergies between Bloodrender and Packla’s Skins so I wanted to see how it works out in practice. The end result can facetank Ravager without gear/constellation changes or tonics.

Grimtools link: Ritualist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Sadly the build requires some unbelievably hard to achieve gears (like the prefixes on the helm & amulet) and the amulet/pants need to be farmed on a different character (although it’s a weird that necromancer items are inaccessible to necromancer characters in the same playthrough though) or gotten randomly in other game modes.

Here’s a more budget version and while it doesn’t seem to have issue clearing the late game contents or extra game mode, it definitely deals considerably less damage: grimtools . com /calc/qNYmQAgN and is unlikely to facetank Ravager

Footnote: I really hope that one day we can farm some of these items in the main campaign in the same playthrough some how, it’s really weird to have the designated +1 in necro amulet MI locked out


you can buy it…


thanks … i guess …

i’m pointing out there is no “locked out” issue like you might be suggesting or perceiving
you can farm it in whatever playthrough you choose, even despite deciding to align yourself with the opposite faction your build wanted that necklace from
and that’s ofc aside from being able to get it in SR or Crucible on that character too

“you’re welcome… i guess…” :roll_eyes:


Good job building what used to be a really scuffed concept