[] Soullance Blood Knight Oppressor (2h Gunner) SR 90, Cr170, Ravager, Crate and more?

After getting slightly dissapointed in 2h melee Bone harvest, I realized nuke bone harvest is better off as a ranged skill. I also wanted to make a build around Soullance because it looks so cool and fit very nicely with the Blood Knight set(Also if you didn’t know it is the only gun/crossbow I know of that makes wraith noises when shooting instead of the usual gunshot/arrow, this effect is linked to the illusion so it can be put on any weapon BTW). I decided to share my results testing the build as I feel it has very good potential for an underused weapon.

Only normal buffs

Consecration and Soul Harvest


The build used for all below tests (missing augments and using Reaper leggings): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0dvORV

Slight optimizations : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2ExanbN

Build Pros:

  • Sick DPS for a Vit autoattacker (in my experience)
  • Hybrid DoT + Flat dmg (will tick enemies down even when you kite)
  • Monster lifesteal as a Vit build
  • True ranged playstyle(keep moving to avoid DoTs and autoattacks)
  • Can be made less button intensive
  • Sick undead army with minions that scale with player damage
  • Cool Wraith gun and looks badass

Build Cons:

  • Kinda dependent on greens for OA/DA
  • Lack of CC res is disturbing (depending on Ascension is also risky)
  • Not the greatest phys res (I mean 34% with 2.2k armor is pretty good imo but…)
  • No Ghoul (I doubt ghoul’s lifesteal would make a difference but the phys res is missed)
  • No flashy procs

Few notes on my build choices:

  1. I was conflicted on whether to go all in on Decay or all in on flat or if
    but I feel current state as hybrid is pretty good. +1 oathkeeper belt (myth crimson lotus) and a second signet will get 24 RF(for the final charge level) but I highly doubt its worth it. Similarly I doubt maxing Dread for more decay is worth it.
  2. Build is pretty starved on skill points, I would love to be able to softcap Haven and MoT, maybe even the WPS, CotG and Dread.
  3. Grava’thul legguards should be a direct upgrade to reaper ones (6% RR) I didn’t do the swap before testing because I was too lazy to search through my other chars for them.
  4. Freeze res and CC res in general are pretty bad and the main weakness of this build. Typically I finish off high cc enemies like Moosilauke within Ascension or kite and kill when ascension is up. CC res can also be managed by better greens or pharma when required.
  5. CotG can be skipped but I feel it is a decent boost for 1 point even if you just spam it on cd.

Fairly simple gameplay you just spam RF and bone harvest when it is off cooldown, use Ill omen for bosses, Ascension/MoT if things are getting dicey and Wendigo rush to run/reposition. Call of the grave is a nice dps boost for 1 point(I just spam it on cooldown but it is better to time with Ascension and DG). The way I play this build is much more ranged than most other ranged builds(constantly repositioning and stutter stepping) since you don’t have seal to stand on or need to keep enemies on thermite mines or such and just keep enemies within Bone harvest range. This allows to dodge DoT pools, autoattacks and so many more attacks which increases survivability by a lot. The large amount of decay also synergizes well with ranged gameplay as enemies and bosses will tick down even if you run away.

RF,BH,Ill omen and Wendigo rush is enough for most content making the build very less key intensive. Ascension and MoT is needed for higher content like SR, Ravager and Cr. CotG and Bloodthirster are optional keys but very good if you can squeeze them in.

For SR: Ranged gameplay is particularly good here, kiting makes bosses like Kuba and Grava so much easier than for other builds and makes groups of enemies easier too. Facetank is better for few cases like Iron maiden as her blitzes can hurt but other than that she is easy. Fabius is PITA higher up in SR with his garbage SS->BB->SS combo while his unkillable spirits keep shredding you. Keep Ascension up for Moosi and kite when its down or just use a Hoarfrost pot that I am too lazy/arrogant to use. Build can probably go higher in SR but me lazy.

For Ravager(Minds): First phase can be facetanked pretty easily just keep Ascension up when Ravager’s Presence is active. Second phase is a bit tougher as he can kill through Prismatic rage+ascension+bloodthirster if RP is active, so tank RP with MoT in second phase and kite RP if you suck at timing MoT like me or if it is on cooldown.

SR 85-90

SR 90-91

Crucible 150-170 3 runs in one set of blessings(I am no speedrunner but hopefully this gives an indication of times)

Ravager of Minds

Callagadra (Doable but not recommended)

Crate down fairly easy fight almost laughably easy compared to the others but impossible if you die as too many crates by then

Video crate kill - https://imgur.com/a/6rtM7Wi


I like your build, but don’t get why you didn’t like melee BH. My melee BH Death Knight is one of my first and most beloved characters.

Anyway, i’m currently working on alternating your build in grimtools for my like + checking my items on Item Assistant (you should install IA now, i resisted using mods for 2k hours, now can’t go back). I will post my version if it looks good on paper.

I haven’t tried DK, I did Ritualist and Oppressor for BH+Savagery/RF good builds actually but I felt they were a bit too squishy in high SR/crucible and low cc res for melee (I guess DK wouldn’t have that issue). This build just felt much smoother than them hence the comparison.

Yeah, I have GDstash and I am using [Tool] Grim Dawn Item Search also, I initially made the build with the Reaper leggings and capped SH but realised Grava is better later on and had already done SR 89 by then so decided to continue on. I switched pants after all the tests.

Pfff took me quite a while… Damn resists, oa/da, everything…

This is the version i planned and i finally able to manage some CC res, armor absorb (why is this even a thing?) Resist overcap and decent OA. I never had a character with this low DA before though. Damage looks beefy, with 54% pierce chance on WPS.

I choose this pants because last couple Soul Harvest points are OP and this pants fixed a lot more of my resists compared to Grava pants (and resists was pain). Gloves are completely optional in this case, cold ones should work but i use them mostly to hardcap soul harvest. I just found a better medal, that might encourage me to actually build this.

Well this looks pretty interesting imo. Should be fun to play.

I see you’ve switched up the devo setup(mine is a very basic bitch vit setup lol), very nice cc res. If you don’t need the attackspeed from spider(ur ingame stats may be higher) then can swap it for falcon+candle and can move cunning to physique for more DA. I see you have some overcap on pierce/poison res, every little dreeg omen helps…

Yeah reaper legs are much better for Res and OA, I swapped to Grava tho because +3 SH is nice but 6% RR should boost all dmg (from pets and procs) a bit better.

Also I did manage to kill Callagadra but it was like a long kiting fight and waiting for the DoT to kill her. Would not recommend this char as a Calla killer though it is doable. Trying to cast MoT killed me most of the time rather than kiting.

Crate is super easy barely an incovenience, just shoot and scoot a few crit dots will kill him within 2-3 laps of the stairway area(I had to GI teleport as I hate the trek to him). Fight is impossible if you die though since too many crates will be spawned(happened on my first run).


Really? Is Dot that good in this build? Weapon damage looks great, i managed to start leveling and currently at lvl 42. Ugh at least i don’t need that damned Malmouth augments (too far).

Yeah its pretty strong here is a video since I can kill within 1 min https://imgur.com/a/6rtM7Wi
For some reason I always play really bad when recording, even this kill is very bad. I rushed into him rather than through him in the beginning got petrified/bodyblocked, almost ran back into a hailstorm, rushed into the cage room by accident… I just gave up on trying to record a good run since he dead anyway.

Don’t want to spam here too much, but i finally finished this build, and my current take is (not super different) :

I only did SR 65-70 for now, but (for some reason, i noticed this especially on SR) i noticed that this build MELTS bosses, particularly Grava, Reaper and Iron Maiden. So much that i got confused lol. Having no particular different WPS animation allows you to stutter step if necessary as well, unlike dual pistols.
EDIT : I wanted to add that i killed Seeker of the Damned in one cycle before it shields himself again. This never happened before as far as i remember.

TLDR: This build is great, recommended.

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Hello, I’m a beginner in the world of distance, do you have any leveling guide to indicate. until you reach the lvl to have your build items?

Hey and welcome to GD. This build is using the unique 2h vit gun Soullance, however there are no good low level 2h vit guns so I would recommend to follow some other vitality oppressor builds for levelling. Notably Ravenous earth caster is very strong, here is a guide by Nery [] Beginner's vitality Ravenous Earth Oppressor with leveling guide
and I believe RektbyProtoss on youtube had some videos on levelling RE Oppressor in HC.

If you absolutely want to level as a vitality gunner, I recommend getting the DW relic(Gunslinger's Talisman - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database) from Devil’s crossing and farming for 2x Ugdenbog Howler - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database

I had just respecced an older char but I believe @Conlan levelled the build so they might be able to share some insights.

Any revisions to this build over the last year?

TBH have been playing other games Elden Ring, Dead cells, Last epoch and so on. Not much affecting this build with patch anyway. beta seems to be buffing blood knight but with major gameplay revamp, sunder mechanic (that I haven’t had time to check out) can’t say for certain how well the build will perform(high SR and superbosses). However, this build is already pretty good with range and dodging compared to other builds so I am pretty confident this should still hold up.

So the build works in v1.2, Vitality damage and the blood knight set got some buffs but Lifesteal has been nerfed in a really bad way(atleast from an endgame perspective). Against certain enemies such as Zantarin, Moosilauke, below 50% HP superbosses even 60%+ lifesteal feels like its not enough. IMO Lifesteal resistance values are kinda bricked. This character can deal with it though since it plays pretty ranged and can kite for days especially with the reworked health pots and new evade. Ascension and Mark of Torment are really good the damage absorb despite the buff however, MoT still feels clunky to use because of the targeting, weird cast time and range restriction.

Updated grimtools: Oppressor, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
(Inquisitor prefix on the ring so it has a bit more cunning and spirit)
Main change is the devotions, Wendigo is pretty useless now (which is kinda sad since it was underused before as well). While dying god is better than abomination in terms of damage, the decay is rough especially with the nerfs to leech and it feels like a scam(routinely got me killed against superbosses). I also really wanted Hydra(max movespeed) which lead me to ditch Revenant(muh skelebros) for Manticore and also get better Phys res in the process.

Gearwise, main change was to lose the sigil ring since +2RF is not that big of a deal and investing more into vit. I use that ring as a flex slot mainly for some HP and ele resists(Gollus rings so hot right now) but can be swapped for any resist overcap needed.

Build still slays the superbosses

And was able to kill every Nemesis through 2 runs of SR 90-91 (not deathless) Surprisingly died more to shattered outcast and her fullscreen sunder wave.

I was wondering that would this work with revenant king helmet instead of full Bloodknights set? Would smite buff compensate the loss of bone harvest dps loss? Oh, and you also get boost to RF.

Not for this build, you not only lose the BH modifiers but also lose a global 15% Vit RR from the full set bonus. Also here I am not specifically focusing on RF in this build its more supplementary to BH. RF focus with Revenant King would want a different gearing like Bolvar’s pendant, Gargabol rings to hit 24 RF(for final charge level) and at that point maybe ditch Blood knight entirely. Would be a kinda similar but quite different build.

Yeah, I think you are right! Wonder which one is more powerful :thinking:

RF focused build would do most of its damage from standing still and attacking(and would also have more hit dmg than DoT). I feel like in current GD that is a bit worse off (in high SR/superbosses context) but that is just from my experience and without testing.

Edit: nvm it already exists by Crabturtle [] The Revenant King - 2H Ranged Vitality Oppressor - All Celestials, SR90, Cr 6:13

Also one of the top20 builds has a very similar concept to that with dual Gargabol pistols.

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This is definetely more mobile build that RF focused one and suits better this new 1.2 pach. If I have time I’ll try both out. Thx!