[ ] Vitality Blade Arc DeathKnight, Mogdrogen Killer, SR 76 +


Hello there, Deathknight class has always been an interesting class to play for me since I have never made a build around it. It is a beginner friendly class especially when built around physical Forcewave. This time around I tried to make it a bit more complicated by taking the vitality damage path. build : Death Knight, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Extremely tanky almost 20k HP, 50 % physical resistance ( dunno why it says 44 % in GT ) , 3.2k DA.
Decent RR 91 %.
High lifesteal 33% without ghoul and bloodthirster ( 134 % with everything procced ).
Simple build to pilot you throw all of your debuffs then use blade arc and watch everything melt.
Decent armor 2.4k.

Damage is kinda low.
certain bosses can take a long time to kill due to them being highly resistant to vitality damage.
Build requires a lot of green MIs to function properly.

Clone of Bourbon kill

Lokkar kill

SR 76

Mogdrogen kill

Tips : craft items with stun resistance. leveling with blade arc is possible and smooth since there are a lot of green MIs that can be used to make it decent such as Balthazar’s crest, Mogara’s fangs, and Kalis’Ka’s Harvest shield and Korvan casque.

The build is surprisingly strong and can facetank almost everything. The build definitely exceeded my expectations since vitality Blade Arc doesn’t have a lot of support . I hope that you will enjoy this build and see you next time :slight_smile: .