[] Voidforged Disciple - Tanky Chaos Flames of Ignaffar - Shard 95 (or higher)

Grim Tools: Mage Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

**Edit: Grimtools link updated

I’ve started looking into making stable builds for solo deeper SR play. I’ve tested this one at 90 which, while wasn’t fast, was very comfortable at shard 90. At 16:30 in the video, you can see that I move on to fight Moosilauke only to accidentally pull Ekket’zul as well. Face tanking them both DID make my heart race, but the fight was still quite comfortable, with no kiting required.

From building team-based DEEP SR super tanks , I’ve come to learn what is integral for surviving in deep sr.

The “perfect defense” must-haves include:

  • DA: 3600 or above, or 3400+ if other defenses are really good.
  • Flat damage absorption: Around 400 minimum ideally. Up to 2000 for very deep SR.
  • Percentage damage absorption: Minimum 15%, ideally as much as you can get.
  • Reduction to enemy damage: Minimum ~25%, ideally as much as you can get.
  • Physical Resistance: Ideally 80%, minimum ~55% depending on other defenses
  • Fumble and Impaired Aim: 25% or more
  • HP: 20k or above (our deep SR team-based tanks had anywhere from 35-80k HP at different iterations of them)
  • 80% Resistance to life reduction, or ~50% minimum.
  • High resistances and plenty of overcap of course.
  • Great healing, and ideally from multiple types (regen, lifesteal, % health restored etc)
  • CC Resists

This build does not tick all of these boxes, but it ticks a lot of them, and as such, is very sturdy. I was worried that this build’s low HP at 14k was going to be its achilles heal. And I believe, going deeper into SR, it will become a problem. But, all of the rest of the combined defenses help out a lot, so the build remains strong!

One of the things that contributes greatly to this build’s success is the rapid healing on Flames of Ignaffar. It’s not just about how much each tick can heal for, but how rapidly the ticks happen. At 17:12 of the video below, you can see the hp to drop about 4k hp PER VIDEO FRAME or something. Across threee frames, hp drops down to about 3-4k remaining, and then within the next frame is fully replenished. If this build wasn’t healing very, very often, it would have died in that moment.

So, enjoy this tanky stubborn caster :smiley: I haven’t tested it against celestials, or in deeper SR, but I would imagine that if it can do 90, with some harsh mutators, accidentally facetanking two nemeses, then it can likely do SR 95 as well. If I get around to running it through 95 successfully, I’ll let you know :wink:



I like the build but why has FoI nothing bound to it in Devo yet you have 1/1 Storm Box?

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Hah. Because I made a serious mistake and didn’t equip my chaos RR… I was wondering why my dmg was a bit lower than expected. LOL.

And also, must have been tired when I was ‘tidying up’ (or clearly, not tidying up) my build before testing it and posting about it…

Thanks for the heads up! Link updated…


…but this also means it did SR 90 with 35% less chaos rr than it shuold have, so … fights should be easier because more damage and healing than is what is demonstrated in the video… :open_mouth:

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Can do Shard 95 quite comfortably. Bosses fought include: Moosilauke, Kaisan, Valdaran, Krieg, Benn’jahr, Iron Maiden, Zantarin.


I predict it should be able to do everything upto Ravager/ Callagadra (might want a pierce res pot to facetank Calla). Depends a bit on recovery but seems enough from vid.

How important is Lotus (IG proc is the main thing) ? maybe can swap it for a different belt to overcap res then fit in Voidsoul helm for nice dmg boost ?

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Good thoughts.

Lotus may not be super important, but for deeper SR it seemed like an important choice for the Health benefits. When making DEEP SR tanks, we found that approaching around SR 120 or above, there became a greater necessity of having very high HP. Eventually something will critical hit you, and whatever rapid healing a build has, or however many ‘procs under 40% hp’ failsafes you have - none of them matter if you get one shot. So, my thinking was for some extra healing from Gift of the Lotus (for when lifesteal isn’t effective), and the HP buffs, and the greater resistance to common dots.

But it could probably be swapped out for the Rav/Cally :slight_smile:

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Hello . thank you for the awesome build.
I see you have used Ravager’s eye on your scepter, why not use Duskbloom or Dreeg’s Terror ?
Have a nice day :smiley:

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Hi! Thanks for checking it out :slight_smile:
Good question, to be tankier I wanted to prioritise health and higher defensive ability. The damage was high enough, but surviving deeper SR requires a focus on tankiness for most builds, so I leaned toward that. :slight_smile:

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Ah ! Right Right. Thanks a lot . I theory-crafted( ended up being a theory-dismantled :rofl: ) an aether magehunter. finally came across one which uses one of my favorite damage types :+1:

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Bumping this build for 1.2 because Voidsoul set got buffed.

WyreZ I understand your build philosophy for deep SR, however, I would love to see your take on your build using the 4 piece bonus.

For example, I think you could get 10 skill points back from Mental Alacrity.

Boots, Belt and Pants could also be green for added flexibilty.

The build concept was strong and I believe it got stronger.

Thanks for the guide!

Hm, interesting thoughts. I haven’t had a chance to test it again using the 4pc set, but at a glance in GrimTools, I still feel that the original build is likely better for moving deeper through SR, although having the 4pc is probably more ideal for almost all other circumstances.

Having very high DA is very important in deep SR, potentially more so now that it can equate to a 55% chance to evade rather than a 60% chance to evade. Very high means - even when your DA gets shredded by 400 points, you still retain that dodge rate, and not taking damage is the best form of damage mitigation you can achieve. The defensive combination is the combination of not taking hits as often as possible, when you take a hit it hurts as little as possible, when you receive damage it doesn’t one-shot you, and you can heal it back as quickly as possible… The moment you start taking hits more often, even if your damage and healing is better, you might take more spike damage that leads to your death before your heal ticks can take place, so the overall chances of you dying are higher.

The cast speed of mental alacrity is also really nice - faster damage, which means faster healing, which is very important. Also, the higher OA on the original build allows you to make better use of the high crit damage on FoI which also in turn leads to nice spikes of healing which can be helpful… but I haven’t done the math, maybe the higher damage and lifesteal on the 4pc version would overall outweigh the healing from more regular crits.

For me, though, the main thing really comes down to the very high DA. After testing a whole bunch of builds with lots of defensive attributes (damage absorption, armor, ridiculously high HP etc), I found that having very high DA is one of the most important stats for surviving deeper SR. But if you’re not pushing for deeper SR, then the 4pc is likely to do more damage and still retain strong stability. :slight_smile:

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So, I went back to check on ol’ Aegis of Menhir with a different build. I wanted to make something that focused on damage with it, see how high I could get the big aegis hit. 2.67m :smiley: