[] Voidsoul Untainted Flames of Ignaffar Purifier (facetank Callagadra no pharma/crystal)

I don’t think Voidsoul Flames of Ignaffar (FoI) is very popular since it has very attractive doom bolt and aegis bonuses, so I want to share a set up that can facetank Callagadra without crystal or pharma: Purifier, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator ; while specializing a build to do a single boss is probably not very impressive but since this likely gonna be my only build who can achieve this feat I felt like posting this.

Resists are poor because we need overcapped pierce res for Callagadra; otherwise we could roll with this: Purifier, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Callagadra fight

Had to dash around the boss a few times because otherwise I couldn’t put Inquisitor seal on myself when it’s directly below me. Could have rotated the camera instead, but that’s a big no from me when playing an isometric game.
My charsheet showed 198K damage on FoI. This seems pretty good considering it’s honest (compared to fire/cold/elemental FoI setups which has slightly higher numbers but 50% of it is DoT).

No Tainted Flame
With perfectly rolled conversion value on Voidsoul helm/chest and the conduit amulet, we have 101% elemental damage converted to chaos. This means we don’t need Tainted Flame for the conversion, although 15% more damage is still attractive. I did some manual calculation and (before % damage is applied) I had 899 average chaos damage per tick (1000 with abomination) after tainted flame is applied while without it I had 967 average chaos damage per tick (1075 with abomination) thanks to the converted lightning damage. This was verified in game - I had more chaos damage per hit with the transmuter removed.

Note that the total charsheet still showed tainted flame having slightly higher damage, but this is kinda a lie because it involves vitality damage which we don’t have resist pierce for (and vitality resist is higher on average on enemies - Callagadra has 134% vitality res so our vitality damage might as well be 0).

I started out with a standard Dying God + Abomination set up but it couldn’t sustain FoI’s energy cost for the >2 minutes needed for the fight due to a lack of % energy regeneration. After swapping Abomination out for Lantern and Panther I had enough points for Korvaak, so I went all the way, but I was doing better with Abomination (I suppose mana regen pharma could have helped, but I felt like making a build without consumable).

Deceiver vs Purifier
For this fight Purifier is definitely better because we get all the relevant stats such as DA/speed/RR. We don’t have enough points and gear (especially the gloves slot) for Doom Bolt outside of this fight anyway.

Doable with realistic gears?
I don’t think so, “of the Dranghoul” green items are very much needed to fix the class combo’s otherwise pretty mediocre OA/DA. Edit: as pointed out by a post below I think “of Readiness” could make this feasible, although harder with the reduced armor.

Inquisitor Seal/Blast Shield vs Temper
This build invests in Temper because I wanted to have at least 3058 DA (less when Korvaak procs, but it doesn’t always proc) to avoid getting critted. Flat absorb from Blast Shield/Seal barely flinches the massive damage Calla can dish out (which are in the thousands). In Crucible it’s better to max Blast Shield.
The alternative to having 3058 DA is to get around 20K HP and a bit more leech, which is kinda a mountain of a task for Purifier.


Thanks for the build. Facetanking Calla is definitely great achievement. I’m scared of Calla but this encourages to do it myself.

You can do this with Force Move. Could potentially macro it with Inquisitor Seal into one button.

Rotating camera in arpgs is mandatory for me. Rotating even if it’s not needed just for fun. If you watch some of my videos, boss fight in Devil’s Crossing for example, you might puke.

I remember making a precise calculation for Voidsoul Foi Deceiver and I think Tainted Flame came on top. But this might have been due to having more Flat damage from Occultist.

On Chaos FoI the trick is sometimes to equip not 1 but 2 Arcane Spark. They do stack with each other.

Thermite Mines

I wonder if they can be a even better than Seal in proccing Eye of Korvaak vs such a big enemy. Although I’m not sure now if each of the mines proc separately. And you do stack multiple seals for more crit chances anyway. Just saying that it’s worth testing out.

Skill points allocation

You seem to not like Inquisitor Seal absorption and Blast shield and instead prefer Temper, Vigor, WoR, Arcane Empowerment. It worked for you but it does look a bit weird to me :slight_smile: And I guess this is some specific Calla setup.


of Readiness? The increased health regen and armor lost could likely be substained

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Oh wow I considered this but didn’t believe they would stack at all, thanks for the info.

I also didn’t know that Seal could overlap their damage (I thought Blade Spirit was the only one that could).

Oh, the armor definitely helps, so it’s a bit riskier with Readiness but you’re right, it’s probably feasible. You still need relatively good rolls on your conversion gears though, 100% definitely isn’t required but it helps a bit.

So my FoI numbers are like this
94% weapon damage
187-231 fire
30 elemental
92-464 chaos
186 lightning
100 vitality with 60% conversion to chaos at best from belt

I have 218 average chaos damage on my weapon, +94 average when abomination procs
Average FoI non-weapon damage (after conversion) = 577 chaos without lightning, 763 with lightning

With tainted flame: (218 * .94 + 577) * 1.15 = 899
Without tainted flame: 981

With abomination proc it’s 1000 (tainted flame) vs 1075

Yeah it’s kinda specific to this fight. Sadly flat absorb is kinda pointless because everything the boss does is >5K a pop. It’s nice to stop the DoT though.

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No no, damage is not stacked, just devo proc chances.

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Glad to know I’m not the only one. :joy: