[] Witch Hunter, Amarasta no CD. Full game content. 95 SR. 150-170 crucible extra spawn without buffs and banners. Callagadra, Ravager, Avatar, Crate of Entertainment, Lokarr, Bourbon clones, Mad Queen

Hi all. I would like to show my version of the Witch Hunter build through Amarasta without CD. The peculiarity of this build is that not so long ago I discovered that if we put things on the bonuses to the skill Drig blood and after taking them off, the bonuses on the skill remain. And since we have things that increase the duration of the blood Drig, we get a very fat buff for 6.5 minutes. That’s enough time to kill super bosses or pass portals in SR, pass 150-160 crucible extra spawn without buffs and banners. It was very nice to remember the days of Titan Quest with this. Really hope Mr. Zantai doesn’t nerf this. Video of the results below.

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Attaching the GT with things that give bonuses to blood drig that we use in this build.

Амараста 76 физ реза.PNG





Crate of Entertainment


Bourbon clones

Mad queen

150-170 crucible extra spawn without buffs and banners

95 SR


I would imagine the same applies to items that buff Pneumatic burst and Word of Renewal…

It doesn’t work with pneumatic burst, unfortunately. At the stage of character creation in GT and was the idea to have two super buffs, blood drig and pneumatic burst. But in practice it turned out that only the blood drig works :frowning: So I would have taken +21% physical resistance from the pneumatic burst and damage, but alas :frowning:

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Ok, so we can have for free these conversions on Occ

  • Elemental → Acid
  • Aether → Acid
  • Piercing → Acid
  • Vitality → Acid
  • Acid → Chaos

(not at the same time and not all of them for that long I guess)


Very nice @AlexGoldFish_322 :+1:




Famous last words lol.

Nice build mate.


hi, Alex, thanks for sharing this build
how essential is the Ring of Shuroth? Is there an alternative you could suggest if I don’t have that ring?

Hello. the ring was taken for an additional 5% conversion. If it’s not there, then it’s okay, you can replace it with any acid ring that you have. Since the conversion of vitality damage to acid damage when using the described driga blood buffs is already 95%.


Is this like a summoning ritual?

Locking in modifiers and gear-swapping is behavior we’ve curbed in the past (ex. pets becoming unsummoned when gear swapping to prevent stacking pet gear then changing out to another set). This is essentially the same thing, but you are stacking power onto a buff and then changing to other gear.

This effectively nets you more modifiers than your gear permits and is, quite literally, an exploit of game mechanics. So we’ll definitely be investigating a solution to this.


buff snapshotting shouldn’t be a thing, many games i played that worked like that fixed this type of mechanic. anyway, very nice build, amarasta is a really cool skill to play, will definitely try this out

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Just remembered: I tried that trick with Bargoll’s core.
While, when switched back, the increased CotG duration remained, the physical resist did NOT.
With Alex’s new idea, all that puzzles me - there doesn’t seem to be a straight policy here.
Do you guys already have an agenda as of what is cool and what not? Duration may remain, buffs may not, or smth else?

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Not sure how the Physical Resist did not stay you, because modifiers do stick in our tests. Regardless, our solution is pretty straightforward: remove temporary buffs on modifier changes for them, just like pets are removed.

Hi again, Alex
Sorry, another question. Is there any reason to why you chose the Revenant devotion instead of the Manticore? It seems like the Manticore is better suited to Acid and Poison builds, and the Manticore gives a higher Resist Reduction anyway.

Is it because once you have a group of the skeletons from the Revenant up, they provide more consistent Resist Reduction than the occasional proc from the Manticore?


Hi, Revenant looks better by the right colors in this sky. Also Revenant gives the necessary attack speed and vampirism.

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@AlexGoldFish_322 Still a solid build without blood of dreeg bug?