[] Lightning Horn of Gandarr Mage Hunter [SR85, Ravager]

Danger has come and I must doot!

Horn of Gandarr has the specialty of having the highest damage reduction in the game, with a whopping 35% DR baked into the skill. I wanted to see how I can use the horn offensively, and I found that Lightning Horn had not been used in a build before. What resulted is one of the sturdiest characters I’ve made, with multiple failsafes and sources of healing made to withstand even the tougher challenges.


Having so few buttons allows me to incorporate both Mirror and Nullification into the build, nullifying any dangerous debuffs (like Mad Queen’s Aura) while keeping the build simple to play. Just cast Seal of Skies, and cast the Word of Pain / Doot combo every 1.5 seconds, while ensuring that you’re on your Inquisitor Seal.

This build is sturdy enough to tank any SR chunks (watch out for Arcane Heroes, though!) and multiple SR75-76 bosses + Nemeses at the same time. In fact, it’s recommended to take out as much as you can at one time, since the damage is rather on the low side. Glyph of Kelphat procs and Iskandra procs boost up the damage quite a bit, but you’re not setting any speed records for killing enemies.

SR 85 complete (I ran out the timer because I had to fight Kuba - no deaths)

Ravager of Souls kill (You can facetank the first phase, while I did lots of kiting around the tree for the second phase) No consumables used outside of standard health potions. Time was long, I didn’t record the fight.