[] 2H Melee Acid Witch Hunter - Specimen4 - Leveling Journal


Introducing Specimen 4! A crazy, face-melting, body-smashing, Witch Hunter!

Solo Self Found Journey, take 2.

Greetings Everyone and welcome!

So I decided to give 2H Acid Witch Hunter a try, using Balegor’s Crusher as my main leveling weapon. Sadly, not many 2H Melee items are available till you can safely farm Balegor at 30~ so I had planned on leveling our Nightblade using DW weapons till then, but I actually lucked out and scored a Slithbane at 17. If you find yourself not so lucky, use what is available. I’ll link a few options down below in the leveling section.

As with my previous leveling journal, this is not an end-game guide or gear showcase. This is a, how Brewshock84 leveled a Witchblade in a certain way, guide. Follow along, take your own liberties if you wish, and have fun 2H smashing and melting faces.

*Note on the solo-self-found The only thing I am doing differently this time is using Mandates from my previous playthrough with my Acid Sentinel to assist with the reputations. If you do not have access to mandates from previous play-throughs, a bit of grinding early on goes a long way.

*No Merits from FG, no XP potions from AoM - Not that i think there is anything wrong with these things, I just choose not to use them for my SSF journey.
Lets get to it.

This is a work in progress, currently at Lvl 51 and you are free to follow along and provide feedback! I will continually update GT at the end of each leveling branch. Thanks for reading, I hope this helps you, and let’s have some fun!
(Borrowed @Stupid_Dragon formatting from his beginner build guides)

GT Lvl 51 Snapshot

How the build works

    Keep up Blood of Dreeg, Shadow Strike into a mob, use Ring of Steel, and let Amarasta’s Blade Burst clean up the rest. It’s actually pretty fun seeing groups deleted from RoS.
    I leveled from 1-50 with both Nightblade and Occultist. NB is our main with Occ being our support for plus Acid damage and reducing enemy resistances.


This is the path I took. It may not be the most optimized, but it worked and I had no issues. Once the endgame is reached, modify to whatever build you are aiming for:

  1. Crossroads (green)
  2. Akeron's Scorpion (bind to ABB)
  3. Crossroads (Red)
  4. Ghoul (bind to Veil of Shadow)
  5. Remove Crossroads (Green & Red)
  6. Crossroads (Blue)
  7. Eel
  8. Remove Crossroads (Blue)
  9. Kraken
  10. Crossroads (Green)
  11. Murmur (Bind to Shadow Strike)
  12. Wretch
Monster Infrequents

There are a few Monster Infrequents (MIs) that we want to target. Most of them will be on your way through the leveling process and shouldn’t be too difficult to get. When you are leveling, you are not looking for god roll’s. We only want the MI’s skill modifier, specifically to things like Ring of Steel, Blood of Dreeg, or other supporting abilities. I point these out in the Leveling guide below, but I will list them out here for quick references.

    Balegor’s Crusher Our main MI. Once you are around 30 you can safely farm him. I tried at 33 and had no issue with a little kiting. Can be found on Balegor in East Marsh.

    Bloodbriar’s Thorn This will reduce our Ring of Steel cooldown from 3 to 2 seconds. The pierce damage on the neck will convert to Acid for Ring of Steel because of the conversion on our MI weapon. Can be found on Ol’ Bloodbriar in a cavern in the Pine Barrens.

    Basilisk Mark This will add more acid dmg to Ring of Steel and it add duration and OA/DA to Blood of Dreeg. Can be found on any Basilisk in Ugdenbog.

    Honorable Mention: Gargoyle Gaze Not a bad helm for a boost to ABB
    Honorable Mention: Gargoyle Waistguard +1 Nightblade belt. Dont recommend it unless you get a roll with decent def stats and resistances.
    Honorable Mention: Creeping Ring Inherent Acid dmg, adds to Aspect of the Guardian for a boost to Blood of Dreeg.
    Honorable Mention: Viloth Ring Inherent Acid dmg and +3 to ABB. They also come with OA which is nice.

    Levels 1-25

    I personally leveled on Normal without Veteran Modifier. I honestly do not think the extra difficulty is worth it for the first 50 levels or so. If you like the extra challenge, feel free to go Veteran but keep in mind things will take longer to kill, particularly things that are Acid resistant like Ronaprax.

    Level 2: 1 Nightblade, 2 Amarasta’s Blade Burst
    Level 3 to 9: 2 Nightblade, 1 ABB
    Kasparov: 1 Phantasmal Armor
    Level 10 to 13: 3 Lethal Assault
    For ABB 9 is a good place to stop as you wont have the energy for more. We will also be reducing this from 9 later on.
    For 1H Acid weapons, you can try for a Pusquil’s Tail in the Putrid Den or Rift Scourge Slicer which can drop from any Rift Scourge mob, I found one or two in Wardens Cellar.
    Level 14: 2 Nightblade, 1 Pneumatic Burst
    Level 15: 3 Nightblade
    Level 16: 2 Nightblade, 1 Shadow Strike
    Level 17: 3 Nightblade
    Level 18: 1 Nidalla’s Justifiable Ends, 1 Ring of Steel, 1 Ring of Frost
    Level 19: 3 NJE
    Level 20: 3 NJE
    Level 21: 3 NJE
    Level 22: 2 NJE, 1 Pneumatic Burst
    Level 23: 2 Night’s Chill, Nightblade
    Level 24-25: 3 Nightblade
    GT Lvl 25 Snapshot

    Levels 26-36

    Lvl 26: 3 Merciless Repertoire
    Lvl 27-28: 3 Nightblade
    Lvl 29: 2 Nightblade, Circle of Slaughter
    Lvl 30: 2 Occultist, 1 Curse of Frailty
    Lvl 31-32: 3 Occultist
    Lvl 33: 2 Occultist, 1 Vulnerability
    Lvl 34: 3 Occultist
    Lvl 35: 2 Occultist, 1 Blood of Dreeg

    I started to farm for Balegor’s Crusher at 33 after I opened up Blood Grove. I got a fairly decent one, I think, after about 8 or 9 kills. Tbh I didn’t NEED the upgrade. Slithbane was still working fairly well for me, but Balegor’s Crusher just made this play style ridiculous.

    I yanked all but one point out of ABB and dumped them into BoS, and pulled the point from Ring of Frost and put it in BoS as well. Seriously fun! SS into a group of mobs, BoS and everything is dead.

    GT Lvl 35 Snapshot

    Levels 36-50

    At this point, we are going to Max Ring of Steel, Occultist, and make our way to possession.
    Lvl 36-40: Occultist
    Lvl 41: 2 Occultist, 1 Aspect of the Guardian
    Lvl 42-43: 3 Ring of Steel (Should be maxed now)
    Lvl 44-45: 3 Occultist
    It was around this time when I finished the main campaign, went to Pine Barrens and grabbed the amulet, opened up AoM and found the medal.
    GT Lvl 45 Snapshot

    Lvl 46-49: 3 Occultist
    Lvl 50: 2 Possession
    Hidden Path: 1 Nights Chill

    At this point, I have finished AoM and am going to move to Elite. This time I will hop over to Forgotten Gods after killing the Warden so that I can start the rep grind for the Cult of Dreeg.

    If you have not done the Hidden Path or the Shrine of Modrogon (Must be honored with Rovers) I recommend completing them before moving to Elite.

    Levels 51-65

    Lvl 51-53: 2 Possession
    Kasparov: 1 Possession
    Lvl 54: 2 Possession

    Levels 66-75
    Levels 76-100
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you likely want to edit the title a bit

And good luck on your journay

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Haha, thank you… its been a long day

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I theorycrafted this build in the past, this was my approach:

  • I went for a Caster with max casting speed and using Biting Blades from Seal of Blades as a filler

    • might be problematic to get this component before reaching level 100 reliably
  • also Elemental to Acid conversion from Putrid Necklace and low level Venomblade helmet powerfarmed from Vinelton

    • might be good since Witchblade has a lot of Cold damage
    • maybe it’s then worth it to go for Blade Spirit? but it’s not feasible to 24 them :frowning:
  • I’m not even convinced if putting more than 1p in Ring of Steel and wearing item for it besides the main weapon is actually worth it :thinking: although Bloodbriar’s Thorn makes such investment more profitable

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