[] Agrivix' Disciple - AOE Aether Mage - SR 76, Cruci 170

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I’m revisting old/classic ideas and seeing if I can make my previous attempts at these builds better. Turns out I can :smiley: Here’s a new Rage of Agrivix Callidor’s Tempest build. It has high damage, high healing and is somewhat tanky despite having lowish HP of 12k.

Highest group damage I’ve seen is ~5.1m damage (screenshot below), but it is common to see damage get up over 2m and into 3m in group fights (see video). Worth noting that the 5.1m damage in the screenshot is without crucible buffs.

A combination of Maiven’s Sphere (26% damage absorption) of Protection and Ulzuin’s Wrath (30% reduction to enemy damage), with the high lifesteal of Ulzuin’s Wrath, Callidor’s Tempest and occasional healing devotion procs (Dryad’s Blessing, Giant’s Blood) helps to make this build quite tanky. On top of that, the occasional Phoenix Fire and low level blast shield help to bolster the flat damage absorption defenses, allowing the mage to take hits quite well.

~75% elemental to aether (or 100% fire to aether) conversion helps to align the damage from skills like Devastation, Arcane Currents, Vindictive flame, and of course, Callidor’s Tempest has full conversions to Aether.

You’ll have to excuse the dark image - I wasn’t recording a video when I saw this (Crucible 126, no cruci buffs) when I saw these damage numbers flash up on screen (5,151,851) and had to pause and screenshot it.

Build insights:

– Enjoy!