[] Bleeding Whirlwind Warlord Build (Gutsmasher/Eye of Reckoning/Bloodrager Set) SR80+


I hope my Video can be helpful. Too many YT Grim dawn build “guides” are only some gameplay coupled with a Grimtools link. With my explanation I hope that you can understand why I chose the Items and Skills, so you are not just copy pasting a build, were you will feel confused and awkward not knowing whats going on.

After seeing the benefits of the Gutsmasher 2H mace i really wanted to make a build around it.

The weapon in combination with the Bloodragers Set perform really well.

We are mainly channeling Eye of Reckoning and hit with Blade Arc in between.
clean sweep1

Blade Arc will be modified with the Clean Sweep side Node, increasing the damage by a lot and this way it wont disrupt the EoR.

Also after some Item swapping I found an amazing combination of the Lacerator Girdle, the Sandreaver Bracers, the Ring of Orissa and Deathlords Band.

Combined their passive Skills allow you to have a Bleeding Aura, where you dont even need to hit the enemies anymore to spread a good amount of Bleed damage around.

I did SR80+ with it, without too much problems. I went with a more defensive Devotion route. Before that I was including the Unknown Soldier and some other combinations for a while, but with that I started struggling with enemies damage around SR70-75.
Now its in a much more solid spot.
stat overview1

Warlord, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (grimtools.com)


The blade arc seems to interrupt when I’m channeling EOR, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I have maxed out the blade arc with the clean sweep side as well as maxed out EOR and soul fire. Any help will be appreciated

you can’t avoid it interrupting EoR, EoR is a channelled skill so any other attack will interrupt
Clean Sweep massively increases Blade Arc’s dmg, which is particularly useful for the DoT portion, which means you only interrupt EoR once every 4sec or so, instead of “all the time” if it was a low dmg spamable blade arc

Oh I see. I was kinda confused when I saw the gameplay since I barely makeout EOR was being disrupted or not. Thank you for your help.