[] Bonecaster - 1.75m Bone Harvest Crit Nuker

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Caution: Silly greens were used in the creation of this build

So, I wanted to make a BIG HITS build and I kept looking into Upheaval and Feral Hunger and Smite and Cadence, but then I realised that I can get BIG HITS using Bone Harvest. :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

So here it is! On it’s own I’ve seen large single crits of 900k up to ~1.7m:


When cast at a massive group of enemies, this can deal SO MUCH DAMAGE (check out the cheeky 16.3 million dps here). It’s worth mentioning that this damage was achieved in multiplayer with the assistance of another build who also provided some Vitality RR and damage. But solo, the damage constantly gets to 5-7 million per second in groups which honestly, is still really quite great.

This build IS quite squishy, and feels slow and cumbersome to play - Slow movement speed, poor CC resists, low OA/DA, low physical resistance, low attack/cast speed. But I kind of like it. It’s like wheeling around a heavy, slow glass cannon. It doesn’t attack quickly, but every attack that it deals is incredibly devastating. When you can deal 900-1.7m damage on a crit to everything in a wide arc directly in front of you, a single cast annihilates almost all of those things.


On the next adventure!



Your medal is missing affixes FYI :eyes:

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LOL. So it is. :smiley:

So what you’re saying is… it could potentially do even more damage…

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that & u might wanna have a look at the CC res of urs… they are, no offense, not in a good state. (0% trap, freeze & slow.)


Oh totally. I mentioned the ‘low CC resists’ in the original post. This build gets stunlocked and freezelocked in it’s current form. But I wasn’t trying to make a well rounded build, I was just trying to explore a concept - “How big can a bone harvest get?” :smiley:

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is it critting fine too in sp? without the party bonuses, no field command, DA shred etc :sweat_smile:
maybe should take Fevered Rage for better solo crit :grin:

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It DOES still crit big in singleplayer, yes. In just a quick run of 100-110 single player crucible I was seeing group hit damages of up to 7mil (without crucible buffs). Obviously not as often or for as much without the multiplayer buffs though

Something I can totally get behind :+1: