[] Cabalist Pet Build (Lost Souls Set) - SR90+ SuperBosses

I hope my Video can be helpful. Too many YT Grim dawn build “guides” are only some gameplay coupled with a Grimtools link. With my explanation I hope that you can understand why I chose the Items and Skills, so you are not just copy pasting a build, were you will feel confused and awkward not knowing whats going on.

I am bringing you today my spin on the Lost Souls set.

I thought its a cool Idea to make it into an Skeleton Army theme. And with the set bonus+the set helm +The Wendigo Gaze Medal
Our Raise Skeletons amount will increase to 14


Next I have included the Revenant Devotion, it gives some pet bonuses and the last skill will summon an additional 6 Skeletons that also decrease enemies resistances.

So I ended up with a 20 Skeleton Army.

char sheetpet bonuses

The pets have really solid defenses. Running up to SR85 wasnt a problem. I will push it higher when i have the time, i bet it can do 90+.
I killed Mogdrogen with him, but that was before finalizing the build. So now it should be even faster.
I will update this post when I try the super bosses again and higher SR.

I pushed my Cabalist Skeleton Army build a bit further. I did SR90 and the Ravager Super Boss. Somewhere between SR 85-90 Pets started dying too fast, especially Skeletons. So I made some adjustments in the Devotions.
With the new setup it can easily run SR90. And I killed the Ravager with the new and old setup, its not hard.

Cabalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (grimtools.com)
Updated link:
Cabalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (grimtools.com)


Do you start out as an occultist, or necromancer? I always get confused when I look at builds because I never know which class you start with before you take the second one. I love the occultist, I keep looking for builds so I can finally do a playthru (500hrs total never been past act 2 lmfao).

I don’t think it matters that much which one you choose first. The first choice only matters for the first 10 level, after that you can respec the skills at the Spirit Guide.

CheeserYT there’s 12 available slots on your build for the PC but you’d need to make a Xbox/SCEA variant to the build, since there’s only nine available slots on the XBX/SCEA GD ability bar and in Config 2 all slots are open idk what your builds abilities, would look like on XBX/SCEA platforms, could you please show how it’ll look on console too not just PC please peace.

You can start with either one. Just remember that your skeletons cant tank much and dont pull aggro without the devotion skill. So you either wanna rush for Hellhound or Blightfiend to take aggro off of them and yourself. Because they both generate threat.

just put all of your summons on the second bar except skeletons since you need to resummon them more often. Then you should have enough slots open for everything else on console.

thank you there’re a bout 4 or 4 perm buffs listed I’d see why you’d suggested to use the second bar via config two correct.

How much Vitality RR is good enough for pets?

The updated GrimTools doesn’t seem to have any RR devotions. Is the RR from Curse and Spectral Wrath enough?

Its enough for SR90+ and SuperBosses. So not sure what you are asking about.

Raise spirit on the deathgrips doesn’t trigger unless the the final damage was done by a player skill correct? so all the pets can’t trigger it?

In, correct, it requires player kills. In 1.2 test branch it’s been changed to on hit