[] Cryoshot the Frostmage Archer - Constant Freeze CC 2h Ranged Build - SR 76, Cr 150

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Cryshot is a high freeze chance 2h ranged build. Things that make it interesting:

  • Every projectile has a 25% chance to freeze enemies. This works nicely with Storm Fire (8 projectiles) and Bursting Round (wide area projectile) for constantly freezing enemies. Chilling Rounds already has certainty of 0.7s freeze on each shot, with the added 25% chance to freeze enemies for longer on each of the three shots.
  • Mageslayer Set bonus reduces enemy freeze duration, allowing all freezes to last longer if the enemy is affected by Olexra’s Flash Freeze. This debuff also allows this build to freeze bosses and nemesis’ for a short amount of time.
  • Other freeze attacks include: Trozan’s Sky Shard, Rune of Hagarad, Ice Wyrm’s Breath, Blizzard, Amatok’s Breath
  • Eye of Korvaak is assigned to Rune of Hagarrad. This means enemies get frozen by the Rune, and hit with a 300 DA debuff. If the Rune crits, it also will petrify them, and reduce their OA by 130. Each projectile of Eye of Korvaak deals weapon damage, which means each projectile also has a 25% chance to freeze enemies that it touches.

Needless to say, this build freezes a lot of enemies. :smiley:

On top that, the build’s damage output is quite decent. While not mindblowing, it generally feels quite stable, achieving single hits of up to 260k (which would likely mean that attacks like Chilling Rounds across three projectiles would be hitting multiple targets for ~500-600k), frostburn dot ticks of 100-280k and so on.

Here’s me running SR 75 for the first time with the build. The first chunk, I play quite cautiously as I get used to the build, but it also demonstrates the benefits of the freeze effect very clearly against single targets. In the second chunk I am considerably more brazen to demonstrate the build’s AOE capabilities.

As you can see, even the boss room is very … chill :wink: (although, this build does lack some pierce resist and I am concerned about fighting Fabius. More testing required).

The build lacks some defensive capabilities - low DA, and low physical resistance. However, the build has a range of great defensive capabilities that in many cases seem to make up for the deficits:

  • Inquisitor Seal 22/12 for that sweet, sweet, dmg absorption
  • 19% Reduced Target’s Damage ( Aura of Censure )
  • 22% Damage Absorption ( Maiven’s Sphere of Protection )
  • Mirror of Ereoctes as a panic button
  • 35% chance to dodge melee with ~35% uptime ( Wraith Walk )
  • Frozen enemies can’t attack you, and they’re frozen a lot.

Enjoy :smiley:

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