[] Devastatorer - Rapid / wider epic looking Devastation - SR 75, Cr 150

GrimTools: Mage Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator


I made a memey build with lots of Devastation powers :3. It has 3 projectiles instead of 1, it’s in a 7 meter target area (slightly wider), and each rock has a 3.3 meter radius (slightly wider), and 80% extra crit damage (bringing a total to 133% in this build). The Devastatorer build strongly converts devastation to cold/lightning damage types, so this is basically a cold/damage build.

While this build does bring a number of green MIs, the specific prefix/suffixes of the MIs are not too important. Cover your resists, then if possible, get elemental damage, you’ll be set. :slight_smile:

The highest Devastation crit I’ve seen with the build so far is 114k, which isn’t bad considering you can drop like 15 of them per second or something. :smiley:


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