[] DW Aether Shadow Strike Reaper - SR 85 / Ravager of Minds / Avatar of Mogdrogen

Hi everyone, another meme build from me but it’s better than Vitality SS with a set of it’s own :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: This is not a whole guide but merely a showcase

Image from the game with perma buffs, Pneumatic Burst and Soul Harvest buff

Helmet and Amulet crafted with stun resist.

:damage_aether:GRIMTOOLS :damage_aether:

SR 75-76 Complete Run

SR 85 Complete Run

Ravager of Minds

No change maded. Used health, OA&DA, lifesteal, bleeding resist, fire&cold&lightning resist, acid and vitality resist pharma. Added aether cluster to the bar but didn’t need it.

Avatar of Mogdrogen

No change maded. Used health, OA&DA, lightning resist pharma. Added aether cluster to the bar but didn’t need it.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


Yes, the best mastery for Aether is Nightblade :laughing:. What a crazy world!

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Yeah Aether RR mods on VoS are good and it’s insant AoE RR is the best. I will try AA version with beronath aswell but since WPS are important on such setup I have to test in test patch.

Do you have the character files to import? I’d like to try it out really fast if you don’t mind.

Sure I can upload it when I get home.

Thanks. You can drop me a reply so I can see and grab it!

This looks awesome, and I would love to try it out. One question: How could I level as this build, until I get the blueprint for the conduit? Could I use the Heart of Theodin and only one Blaze Herald, for the default attack replacer on Theodin, until I can convert SS to aether using the conduit? Or should I level it as cold with other MIs until I can get the conduit?

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Unfortunately you can’t level as Aether SS until wearing the conduit. Best case scenario you can level as DW Aether melee but cold would be much easier.