[] DW Bloodborer + Goredrinker Bleeding/Pierce Paladin - SR 90

Hi everyone, another build from me. Yes it’s not a melee :stuck_out_tongue: It’s actually the first ranged build I shared and one of few I played so the results with it done by a pretty bad range player :slight_smile: It’s mainly bleeding focused build but having some pierce damage helps on facetanking. I was thinking it would be a meme when I theorycrafted it since the stats doesn’t look great but it performs much better than I hope. Didn’t test celestials since I’m not good at range positioning along with kiting.

PS: This is not a whole guide but merely a showcase.

Image from the game with perma buffs, RF stacks, Deadly Aim and Howl of Mogdrogen buff

Guns crafted with stun, Medal and Boots crafted with slow resist.


SR 75-76 Complete Run

SR 85 Complete Run

SR 90 Complete Run

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcme


Ford Perfect would you mind helping me level up to 100 at 20something now almost level 30 and all, then could you please help me farm for the gear for the build too that’s if you’re okay in doing both yet fine w it too, that’d depends on how busy you’re in real life aspect and all, for example if your free to help me to that regard like on the weekends depending on your work schedule so forth peace out take care too then.

Umm, it’s an unusual request. I think you should play on your own and fail if necessary to learn the game. We all been there, it took 400-500 hours to grasp key aspects of the game and took 1500 hours to gain information about most game mechanics and I had fun all the way up here and still having fun. And if all you want is getting 100 and gathering gears without trouble, you can use GDstash for that.

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its not an unusual request and all Ford Perfect there’re a lot of people that don’t mind helping others in leveling to 100 and all too, the other 2 modes are a real pain in general sense not makin a excuse either here, there’re those that enjoy playing w others from time to time than being a lone wolf even level up alone can get rather boring yet lonely too, how many people did you help level up to 100 to everything else in gen sense? anyways have a good week officially dude.

Then ask to them. Sorry but I can’t help you with that, neither I enjoy multiplayer stuff in Grim Dawn except trading while I wasn’t using GDstash. And I never helped anyone to level-up except a few times I leveled together with other people. You can do whatever you please if it’s fun for you so I’m not judging but I really considered if you deliberately chose ‘‘Ford Perfect’’ instead of ‘‘fordprefect’’ for sarcasm and am I being trolled or something. Anyway have a good one.

nor are you being trolled tried it as one word then it’d came up as a texting error w red line underneath it and all, thanks at least I’d asked before assuming anything too and all peace.

i forgot to say that i been enjoying this build. thank you for awesome build. just question. is it okay to use Atept’s Command than Hammerfall’s Powder? your regard

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Sure it’s okay but I think Hammerfall is better for dual damage.

Hi, any reason why you did not pick assassins mark? Seems like a must go but perhaps overlooking something. Thanks :slight_smile: