[] DW Melee Cold ABB + Rune of Hagarrad Infiltrator - SR 90

Hi everyone, another cold build from me. I searched the forum but never saw such DW Melee build both utilize ABB and Rune of Hagarrad so it’s kinda unique one. There are some caster infiltrators with RoH ofc but I didn’t want a caster/kiter and here it is;

PS: This is not a whole guide but merely a showcase

Images from the game with perma buffs, PB, WoR and Lethal Assault is up

Amulet crafted with slow resist, Gloves and Boots crafted with %Physique

:cold_face: GRIMTOOLS :cold_face:

Build can stack 500k+ frostburn damage and can facetank most creatures.


  • Why didn’t I used Silver Sentinel set?

Stats were pretty bad with it and I wanted to use helmet with buffed modifiers.

  • Can’t it be work with SS instead of ABB?

On theory yes, since 2x Spectral Longsword provides much more damage to RoH but skill points are problematic so you can’t utilize both skills efficiently.

SR 75-76 Complete Run

SR 85 Complete Run

Go 5:20 to see Kuba fight

SR 90 Complete Run

Build struggles in these levels. Go 5:30 to see Kuba fight, Fabius and Moosi is a bit harder since you can’t kite Fabius safely and you can’t kite Moosi due to it’s slow walking.

PS: I tried Ravager of Minds and Crate of Entertanment, they both possible with some kiting but require very skillful piloting so after a few failed attempts I got bored.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


Looks fun! Excuse my noob-ish question, but what would it be like using Inquisitor Seal over the word of renewal line?

Thanks. WoR provides very good stats that are irreplacable. Ofc Inquisitor Seal is also important and provides good defense but first build doesn’t have enough skill points to invest in IS and hardcap other important skills and there are already too much active skills for a melee build so I had to sacrifice something which became inquisitor seal.