[] DW ranged Dagallon Purifier for seal-hater

Disclaimer: this is just a heavily tweaked amateur meme build base of @Drummer51 and @JY_626 and other veterans. Thanks all for awesome foundation of purifier.

Rev2.1 Ulzuin+Ultos+Widow+Magi devo, more DSP less healing, can run sr75-76 full reward, decent timing. Wish Kraken devo is available for DW, life is just unfair.

• Mistake: Reduced DA from blackwater cocktail and light’s oath ring don’t stack so just go ahead and farm for BiS Ring of Khonsar.
• Use 2x Seal of Might on both weapons gaining 8% physical resistance and tons of resistance when activated, will make it much easier to augment.

Old + pic, vid & download

Rev2.0 Ulzuin+BlindSage+Dryad devo. This time I’m confidently removing Inquisitor Seal for good. The damage is top notch pretty good, fastest material and blooms farmer since you can one shot those trees with huge nice aoe:
Download rev2.0: _dualpistol.zip (1.1 MB)

In the picture: rev2.1 new pants aggressive aleksander’s chausses of destruction give 3k7 OA with deadly aim active!

In the video rev2.0 SR76: 1 death because im just a typical seal-hater; still get full reward 11 chests. Forgot to put component/augment in one ring and one gun. I ran out of blooms atm.
GrimDawn Purifier says NO to inquisitor seal; SR76 - YouTube

New player corner

• Be careful spamming skills, the millisecond delay from casting can get you killed. Keep firing and cast mindfully.
• Ancient Groove must be your first top priority dungeon to farm for: gargabol ring+gun, vilgazor+gulgazor ammy, rylok crest, deathstalker blueprint, hidden vendor for more blueprints, also expect 20+ blooms each run.
• Snake devo and Ultos devo resist reduction don’t stack, so you can skip one. I usually just take both be cause of 3 blue + 2 green that snake gives.

Gear rotation or when you dont have good green MI

• Amulet: shambler’s heart of destruction, Tainted Ruby of Gar’dal, Kaisan eye of destruction.
• Ring: Ring of Khonsar is BiS aside from Combustion Band. Light’s Oath or Band of the Eternal Pyre is just okay.
• Leg: Mythical Chausses of Barbaros
• Belt: Mythical Ulzuin’s Torment, ugdenbog waistguard of destruction

Alternatively you can just go with this Tatician build that i have perfect experiment with [] Steel cannon build (opposite of glass cannon) by @jerm1974. That is non seal as well.

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even older post

:point_down: Below is the old post i used to gather opinions :point_down:
Old Rev.1 Ulzuin+Ultos: GrimTool1
Old Download: _dualpistol.zip (1.1 MB)

Buil outlines:

  • Utilize both Ulzuin and Ultos for DPS goodness and fun factor. Binding Ultos to thermite mine is the best thing i discovered.
  • Dryad’ Blessing is awesome and proc every 4-5s healing, 15% phys resist and 15% life steal plus medal. HP is fair 13~14K but with a good green it can scale well. Everything seems balanced for a glass cannon build.
  • Can farm SR 75-76 reliably i give up purifier in SR, madqueen 1-shotting isnt fun at all. Unless somebody can fix this problem of the build.
  • No need green MI: amulet, leg and belt can be any purple you prefer, check out other purifier build for ideas.
  • Removal of seal isn’t an option after all.
  • Black Water Cocktail is just my cup of tea over flash bang.
  • I did try to squeeze in 3k9 OA but its useless against Iron Maiden so I just don’t mention.

:point_down: even older post :point_down:

Hi, this is my first post in this forum so pls take it easy.
DW ranged purifier was my first character. I planned to make it to farm SR for later chars but i almost gave up after dying too much (500+ deaths). Also what annoying me is the use of Inquisitor Seal, lets admit it nobody likes shooting while trapping ourselves in a tiny circle.

After many nights I (hopefully) endup with the ultimate solution:
1. Removing Seal for good
2. Be able to farm SR 75-76 while enjoyable
3. Utilize both Ulzuin’s Torch and Ultos to double the fun

Also what I expect with this post:
1. pro tips to further push the build lives up to its potential. (im a noob still)
2. more optimizing balancing DPS/survivability if possible.
3. I kindly ask some veteran who can write a better more complete guide (better than my english)
4. Make it to the Build Compendiums (prefer to be popular :wink:
5. I strongly recommend everyone to make this char and feel for youselve, the smooth feeling of melting butter ya know. I mean i can blow up a trash mob with just 1 bullet, and my bullets are unlimited :smiley:

Here it is the current state of the build: Old link grimtool

I learn most everything for this build from this forum and youtuber so i just pick up dagallon+justica as of now. I’m neither pro nor knowledgeable at this game.
Skills choices and gearing this build is the most flexible i’ve ever seen. I can switch here and there without seeing much different in performance so any advice is valuable. The devotion map and the removal of seal is the key here.

Performance: SR75 3rd chunk with boss. Deaths are avoidable showing the build is very promising. The fun can put smile on player all day. GrimDawn purifier dw ranged rework in progress - YouTube

Hope I can eventually turn this post into a complete guide for both beginner and endgame.

Update 1: Lokaar kill video using only mouse, 1 point in thermite mine and didnt bother using it, the rest skill points going to offensive attacking skills. Meaning the whole story mode can be done with 2 fingers: GrimDawn Lokaar only two fingers used - YouTube

This is what I would play on a Dagallon Purifier on HC (seriously Dagallon 9% phys res?) Purifier, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator . You lose 8 flat resistance reduction and some OA but you gain:

  • a ton of damage from Thermite mines

  • DA reduction from flash-bang so gain some OA back

  • a reliable procer for Ultos and Torch

  • first line of defense 29% fumble/impair aim

  • second line of defense Giant Blood, Turtle , Ghoul and Blast shield

  • third line of defense 18k Hp

Also you would loose the 2 button game-play, but in GD the more buttons you push the more damage you get!!! :slight_smile: . Never the less Dagallon is a glass cannon SC build, imo, so get used on dyeing. I hope I have helped, enjoy the build.

If you want less buttons, try Vindicator. Although he has to press 3 “extra” buttons aside from right-click, you can do that only every 15 seconds or so, unlike Thermite mines/Flashbang, that should be spammed all the time to hit new enemies. And one of those 3 doesnt even interrupt your actions, i bound it to mouse wheel roll. All required procs proc off right-click anyways.
And it’s quite tanky with 20k HP and overcapped Seal. You cant ignore Seal as ranged Inquisitor. You can just put in under your feet and make a pew-pew, its defensive bonuses are bonkers, especially when it’s overcapped. You can only ignore it with some mobile build, like skater, Octavius, EoR, etc.

is it a good or bad thing? :smiley:
Thanks for the reply, anyway i’ll definitely respec and try your setup although it will take quite some time. Your defense sound very tanky but the life steal reduce from 18% to 9%, and without rhowan’s crown. i wonder how it works out in real scenario.
Also do you know of any armor pieces that i should consider if I ever give up Dagallon set?

Thanks, I already make one and its very good indeed. I just want to give purifier a chance :wink:

If I remember correctly in GD every attack has a portion of physical damage in it and physical resistance is the hardest resistance to cap .I usually aim for 40% phys res ,minimum 25% for range builds and armor>2k ,but I m playing Hardcore. Full Dagallon set adds to your attack 24 flat resistance reduction as long as Deadly aim is on ,sure with crown devotion you get more consistent damage but considering how squishy Dagallon is I ll sacrifice some damage to stay alive (I m a very lazy pilot).
Medal give you enough life steal on fire strike , from my experience, and with 32% increase damage from mines believe me you gonna life steal a lot.
As I sayed on my previous post this build is what I would play, you can try it and then min max accordingly to your play style. If you willing to break the full set there is a lot of builds in this forum to search for Fire strike purifier, there is even a build with shield and gun made by RektbyProtos , enjoy the game.

Um, you asked me in pm to review your build, so I guess I would. I haven’t played in a year tbh so not sure if I’m out of touch.

  1. I don’t see your explanation on why you don’t take Brimstone. It’s a single most valuable node for the Fire Strike build, especially for ranged one, especially given how it interacts with Inquisitor’s WPS.

  2. I don’t get the 20/16 Vindictive Flame, it’s almost always kept at 11/16 due to how it scales. Going beyond that is implying you scale regen, but your 225 health regen is comically small.

  3. I don’t get the 19/12 Temper. If you’re not utilizing that flat physical damage well it’s obviously not going to be worth it, and your physical conversion is quite low, you’re using Seals of the Void of all things. Did you perhaps thought that DA is going to worth all these skill points? It doesn’t.

  4. For the same reason I question your heavy investment into Explosive Strike, there’s no way it should had been a priority over Brimstone.

  5. A lot of odd points here and there. One random point in Ulzuin’s Wrath, two random points in Demon Fire. You could had just threw them into Thermite Mines and it would had been a better deal.

  6. I don’t get why not throw at least one point into Chilling Rounds, but since you also forgot to take something as important as Brimstone I guess it’s not surprising.

  7. Your augments in weapons don’t make sense.

  8. Your components in armor don’t make sense either. I mean overstacking armor and armor absorption on a light armor build and not getting a single Runestone / Sanctified Bone, really?

  9. I don’t like your devotion setup, neither 2.0 nor 2.1. You’re very luxurous with Magi and Ulzuin’s Torch here. Especially since you hate the Seal.

Watched your crucible video, nothing of note, more or less how I expected it to be.

Overall one of the more amateurish works I’ve seen since the last year, even compared to mad_lee’s builds.