[] Experimental Self-Healing Tank - Trialling SR 110 solo

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Here is an experiment for a self-healing tank. It’s built around “Healing Effects Increased” and higher HP, with a range of taunt skills to get aggro. while also offering some protections and assistance to others in multiplayer.

I typically build these sorts of deep SR tanks with team buffs in mind. However, I wanted to see what a less-team-reliant deep SR tank could be like, one that brings it’s own healing etc. The build is still designed with multiplayer in mind, but for smaller teams, like duos and trios, where it can tank, heal, and provide defensive buffs while someone else brings the damage.

With +176% healing effects increased, you get a nice 2.76 multiplier to all healing. So, those 5% + 600 heals from White Lotus belt every 2.5 seconds become 13.8% + 1656 hp heals. Because the build has high HP of around ~39k, that White Lotus proc ends up healing for about 7k hp. And of course, that’s not the only healing proc going!

Heals Include:

  • Gift of the Lotus
  • Field medicine
  • Apothecary’s Touch
  • Unstoppable
  • Touch of Purity
  • Healing Rain
  • Dryad’s Blessing
  • Twin Fangs

Here’s a funny run of SR 110 at Chunk2

I made it to the boss room of 110 with two deaths total. I believe the boss room is soloable, but the damage output of this character is so low. I think it took two minutes to get Valdarin’s HP down from 28m to 27m, so I think if I dedicated a good 50 minutes to each boss, it should be fine. At no point did it fighting Valdarin, Zantarin or Iron Maiden at the level feel like it was hard… just very, very slow… :stuck_out_tongue:

For team play, here’s a list of the main benefits to the team that the build can bring:

OA, DA and Crit Damage
+100 DA
+241 OA

Healing and Health
+45% Healing Increase ← This helps to spread the healing love to the team!
+58% Health ← Also this, because higher HP = more healing from % heals
+430 +60% Health Regen
+3100 +42% Health Restored

Defensive Buffs
+26% Armor
+400 Damage Absorption

+30% Reduced Target’s All Damage
+39 Reduced Target’s Physical Resistance
+33% Reduced Target’s Total Speed
103 Reduced Target’s DA


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