[] Experimental Success: Rapid Wide Healing Frost Bolter - SR 75, Cr 150

GrimTools : Grim Dawn - Rapid Wide Healing Frost Doom Bolt - YouTube

I combined the rapid cold doom bolt Conduit of Eldritch Whispers with the Voidsoul set for 5 meter wide, 25% healing, rapid fire, higher-crit-dmg cold Doom Bolts. :smiley:

The challenge was finding a way to get the build’s cold damage above 2000% while using five chaos/vitality gear pieces, and also keeping OA and DA at decent levels.

It worked out well :smiley:

The build is not very tanky as it lacks two primary things that would make it tanky: % Damage absorption, and reduction to enemy damage. This makes the build very susceptible to spike damage. It is possible to get these onto the build of course, but it would be at the sacrifice to damage, which already seemed hard enough to acquire. And honestly, the damage isn’t anything mindblowingly high as it is, but it’s quite good! The highest spike that I noticed in this video without looking too closely was around the 2.7m mark in a large group fight (around 3:10). Not bad. :smiley:

One of the great things about this build is it’s massive 25% lifesteal on each Doom Bolt per enemy that it hits. Getting more casting speed onto this build would dramatically boost its damage output and healing. If I was to continue to tweak this build, that would be my next refinement.

The highest single doom bolt hit that I’ve seen so far is 310,000 damage. With those dropping on everything in a 5 meter radius a few times per second, healing you for 25% of the damage per enemy hit… It’s a good time. :slight_smile:



How does this work? Does it have to do with the order you equip the gear pieces? There are many conversion threads on this site and my aim isn’t to create another, it just seems that you have so many conflicting sources of conversion–global elemental to chaos, global chaos to cold, vitality to chaos to Doom Bolt, chaos and vitality to cold to Doom Bolt–that you must have found a way to minimize conversion away from cold.
Don’t get me wrong, I love build variety and mostly play fun, thematic builds rather than endgame faceroll builds, I’m just genuinely curious how you got this to work.

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Heya! So… The order of precedence with damage conversions as I understand it is:

  1. Skill Specific damage conversion due to a skill modifier (like Tainted Flame for Flames of Ignaffar on Inquisitor)
  2. Skill specific damage conversion due to items
  3. Global damage conversion.

Let’s talk it through. On Doom Bolt, we have the following skill-specific insights:

  • Doom Bolt unmodified deals flat vitality and chaos damage.
  • A number of my items give added flat chaos damage.
  • We have 100% of chaos damage converted to cold
  • We have 100% of vitality damage converted to Cold and 100% vitality damage converted to Chaos. What happens here? The conversion is split proportionally amongst the contending conversions, so this ends up representing: 50% of vitality damage converted to cold, and 50% vitality damage converted to Chaos. We lose some of our damage here, because some of the vitality damage is not converted to cold.

Because these are all skill specific conversions to Doom Bolt, which convert 100% of it’s base damage already, none of the other global conversions effect this skill, so we can ignore them when considering the damage of this skill.

The flat damage ends up looking like this.

Original Flat Damage:

  • 938 Vitality
  • 1288 + 580-800 Chaos (<-- 580-800 is a range, not ‘580 minus 800’)

Modified Flat Damage, with 50% of vitality converted to cold and chaos
50% of the 938 vitality is 469, so:

  • 469 (converted from vitality) Chaos damage
  • 1288 + 580-800 + 469 (converted from vitality) Cold Damage

Does this make sense?

So rather than minimizing conversion away from cold, I tried to prioritise the conversion into cold, by minimising the effect of other skill-specific conversions.

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