[] Forcewaver - SR 75+, Cr 150

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You know what’s fun? Having a 14 meter range kill-everything-in-a-tunnel button. This build, then, is very fun. :smiley: This build is designed around stacked damage onto a long reaching Forcewave. It can normal-hit for up to about 780k that I’ve seen, and can critically hit for a max of 1.57m damage so far. The beauty of this of course, is that it doesn’t target a single enemy, but can pass through everything in it’s ~3-4 meter wide path.

Exhibit A: Critting two enemies a few meters apart, each for over 1m damage:

If a crit like this hits enemies, it can spike trauma dot damage (with other dots and debuffs active) to up to ~530k for ~8 seconds dealing an additional 4.2m damage over that time. It wrecks groups of mobs.

This becomes a key fun part of the build - Positioning is everything. As Forcewave is on a long 4.5s cooldown, You want to position yourself to get the most value out of every cast. Setting up positioning and pulling mobs in certain directions to align them becomes an engaging part of the playstyle.

Exhibit B: SR 75, showcasing death and a changing of playstyle strategies

This build does have a good amount of healing from various sources (A touch of attack damage converted to health, Vampire Fangs, Maul, Blood of Dreeg), but is otherwise a little squishy. No serious damage absorption, unexciting DA and so on. This means that at times, the build is not well suited to facetanking.

However, due to the long range on Forcewave and the generous and lasting dots that the build can dish out, this build can be played in a hit-and-run or kiting style. If you skip to 7:45 of the video above, you’ll see that this kiting playstyle is necessary to defeat Steward and Moosilauke. However, once the strategy is employed, neither boss is a serious concern.



That feel when your DPS is over 6.1m from a Forcewave…


@WyreZ sorry for going a bit off topic, but what is your setup for recording & editing?

Your vids always look smooth as butter.

Ty - It’s quite simple set up, I use OBS to capture the screen… that’s it! I very very rarely do video editing. In the cases that I do, I happen to have an old copy of Vegas Pro from when it was heavily discounted a few years back.

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It’s worth mentioning that some of the videos I post are not done by me - Most of them, but in the Knights of the Eternal Realm (deep SR team) posts, the videos are put together by the master @WeaponZero

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