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Hi everyone, another range build from me. It has not great damage but tanky enough to do high shards. AoE is good but trauma damage is just theme so if Z reads it, I think soldier side of the weapon can get some mods. Like add some Flat Trauma, %Trauma damage and Duration to Field Command or directly to Cadence.

PS: This is not a whole guide but merely a showcase

Image from the game with perma buffs, Ulzaad proc and Deadly Momentum active

Helmet crafted with stun resist, amulet crafted with slow resist, boots crafted with %armor.


SR 75-76 Complete Run

SR 85 Complete Run

SR 90 Complete Run

Ravager of Minds

No change maded. Used health, OA&DA, Bleeding resist, Armor and lifesteal pharma. Added aether cluster to the bar but didn’t need it.

Avatar of Mogdrogen

No change maded. Used health, OA&DA, lightning resist and lifesteal pharma. Added aether cluster to the bar but didn’t need it.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


Very interesting approach to the weapon. I didn’t think I could ignore Primal Strike but I imagine damage ain’t anything big as u claim as well from cadence, cuz it does lack some modifiers to my taste.

The gun used to have break morale addition in previous patches but I wonder why it got removed…

Either way clever tanky build I must say. :crossed_swords:

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but one question I would have nevertheless: Is there a special reason why you have invested in Storm Spread (and have 110% WPS)


Well basic attacks between Cadence are weak and has no AoE so having %100 wps is better and without Storm Spread I needed more skill points in other WPS to reach %100 so I included it. Since build also has conversion I don’t think it’s a dps loss.

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But would it than still not better to e.g. remove some points from the soldiers WPS to have a WPS proc chance closer to 100% (instead of 110% as of now - 50% from soldier WPS, 60% from Inq WPS) and investing the freed points elsewhere (e.g. Arcane Empowerment or War Cry and Squad Tactics)? Or is the above minimum investment in Zolhan and Markovian worth the points?

Even if you keep both as one pointer, it’s still over %100 so aı just rounded it to %110 so when recalculating %10/5 is more equal division. And MA is kinda there because there is no other choice but ZT is worth it.

don’t need 12pt Fighting Form

(on current patch 100% passthrough is reached when Fighting Form is at 50% effect, on 9.8 it’s fixed but values are changed so 100% passthrough is at 8pts)

PS. love you just went Cadence and basically took a legendary and treated is generic stat stick and made a clear all tactician with it :rofl:

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Oh, I didn’t know that thanks. Still noob at range mechanics.