[] LightBlade - Melee Dual Wield Lightning Build SR75

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This is a lazy high damage melee build, with surprisingly good AOE damage. It has high attack speed, high crit damage, high OA and high DA. Here’s a 100-110 Crucible clear of under 3 minutes, without using Crucible buffs or towers. As you can see, the damage is ridiculous! Just walk up to a group of enemies and rapidly slash your way through all of them. :smiley:

Here’s a vid of SR 75. It shows the build’s clear speed through the shards, but also it’s squishiness. In this video, the build dies multpile times. This was the first and so far only SR75 attempt that I’ve done with the build, so there were some piloting mistakes, and some stubbornness while I worked out where the character’s limits are. For example, you’ll see me die trying to facetank Kuba twice. However, after deciding that the build lacks healing, you see me change playstyle slightly in the third attempt, and kill it (and the other bosses) without any trouble at all.



No devotions assigned in the GT link. :frowning_face:

Ty, fixed it!

Instead of one point in Hyrian’s why not put it in Spear of Heaven to complete that for more proccing damage?

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Because I made the build in a rush and didn’t think too much about it :smiley: You’re right, finishing Spear makes more sense :slight_smile: I was probably trying to prioritise weapon damage at the time.

Hey, I can’t recreate the devotions? After Wretch, Viper, Sailor’s Guide, and Eel, none of the other constellations are unlocked.
edit: Thanks for the replies, fellas. I’m still new to this game.

Welcome here - just take e.g. crossroads green and after you have for example taken Spider remove the point again* (at this point Spider supports itself) - you will have to do the same with crossroads purple and Wolverine. (see the video “How to make devotions support themselves” here for the principle: Devotions: A how-to on maximizing them)

If you look at a devotion map, always keep in mind that you see the final result - not the way - and rather often some points are invested temporarily to meet a certain requirement just to be removed later again (can involve points invested in croosroad, but also complete devotions)

*Getting points back is possible via Spirit Guides

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Heya! What @The_Coyote said. Thank you @The_Coyote. :smiley: