[] Obliterance - Fun/Powerful AOE Mage - Cr150, SR75

GrimTools: Templar, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Obliterance is a powerful mage with wide and focused arcane abilities. This is a very ‘vibrant’ play style with a lot of big magical effects on screen :smiley:

I originally made this build as a meme, not expecting it to do very well. It has very low elemental RR for a dps build. But, it’s high crit damage and focused Devastation seems to make up for it.

Key features of the build:

  • Apocalypse for wide AOE death and destruction and screenshakey goodness
  • 2m wide Devastation - Consider it the ‘sniper fire’ of devastation builds. While this makes it less good at killing groups of trash, it makes it considerably better at killing single targets (and small targets) as it’s inevitable that every rock will hit the enemy if they are standing underneath.
  • Elemental Seekers for elemental blue boomies
  • Arcane Currents for elemental purple runic waves
  • Hyrian’s Glare for golden elemental waves
  • Judgment to pull enemies into your focused devastation and reduce their DA to get them sweet, sweet dev’ crits (highest Devastation crit hit is just over 200k, meaning that this attack alone can theoretically provide about 1m damage per second :smiley: )
  • Mirror for emergencies
  • Bloodthirster for lifesteal in emergencies
  • Time Loop for slightly faster refresh on Apocalypse and Devastation


Enjoy :smiley: