[] Purifier - Desolator + Justicar Set + 3 Sheild Skills - SR60-85

Here my build : Purifier, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

This build for Desolator Lovers, fast farming SR60-75
More tanky with 3 shield: Blast sheild, Wyrmscale, Arcane Barriers and Wayward Soul

You can set GI x2 speed and farming SR60-65 very fast with no dead

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your build doesnt have flat RR (like Revenant or Rhowan Crown devotion)? is that intentional or missing? bcz it could improve your build a lot. And i think Korvaak medal is a whole lot better than Pyroclasm, especially when your ADCTH is really low. I have tried this concept before, it had very low physical res and CC res(especially slow res), so i dont really like Desolator Puri, since i did have a few other builds with much better perfomance, just my opinion

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You are right about Medal, I am using it because I dont have Korvaar Medal now
Thank you bro ^^

RR with DW Stronghold Purifier is better bro, 2h purifier so easy to die…