Retal Eye of Reckoning | Ravager, Callagadra, SR75 farm*

simpler rings

*SR75 farming is not the fastest but it’s honest work. I don’t recommend the build over other EoRs, it’s a proof of concept.

The only way to give Retaliation to Eye of Reckoning is by using Mythical Agony. And we fully commit to it by dual wielding two of these maces. All flat Retaliation damage from our gear, skills and devotion is added here. We care mostly for Acid Retaliation (and Fire that gets converted by the skill modifier) which is best supported by our Resistance Reductions.

The build works with so little Retaliation Damage Added to Attack because EoR has many ticks per second. It is our only real source of damage except of standard retaliation damage melee monsters deal to themselves when they attack us.

I crafted for Slow Res although the build has 57% / 80% anyway without / with Messenger of War devotion proc
Mythical Agony is explained in the Introduction
4p Perdition for great Retaliation bonuses, Armor and 50% Fire to Acid, which
is not necessary for EoR but is useful for converting standard Fire retaliation to Acid
Mythical Pestilence of Dreeg with an appropriate prefix converts a quater of
Chaos Retaliation damage that we get from the Hungering Void proc
I’m not using the Plague of Rot skill to have fewer buttons to press.
Ability to dual wield could be provided by either a relic, a belt or a medal.
I think the medal slot is optimal and this one not only provides OA and Attack Speed
but also increases Damage Reduction with +2 to Soulfire.
Good Creeping Rings should be easy to get by reset-farming Vinelton
Notice the incredible amount of Resistances this belt has
Haunted Steel is used for the Bloodthirster ability, see the Skills section
The rest of the gear is not particularly interesting, just considered BIS.

Only 1p in EoR needed for maximum damage. More would only help
with leeching but it’s not efficient and would increase Energy cost.
Soulfire taken just for Damage Reduction.
It’s from the Haunted Steel component. Not that great on
this partitcular build (amazing in general though) but helps.
Best to use in advance, when you expect your Health to drop.
I prefer Divine Mandate’s Slow Res and Crit damage over Cooldown
and Fire → Acid conversion for melee retaliation that Path of the
Three provides.
Judgment’s DA reduction synergizes with Divine Mandate’s Crit Dmg.
Also vacuums monsters towards you which is fun to do.
I’m using Possession instead of DM for Damage Absorption
when fighting Ravager and Callagadra.
The rest of the skills is self-explanatory

Affliction and Messenger of War have a ton of Retal damage.
i Revenant and Murmur are used for Resistance Reduction
Dying God provides Attack Speed, Crit Damage, OA, DA
and Chaos Retaliation damage that’s partially converted
Ghoul needs no introduction. It’s massive Life Leech boost
allows us to facetank Mad Queen in SR. Phys Res is great too.
Turtle is the flavour of the season with its newly added Phys Res and reduced
cooldown of its absorption proc that’s useful for the build having very poor life leech.
Jackal for Attack Speed and Phys Res
I found Hound to be a must-have on every retal build
due to the amount of % Retal and Armor it provides
Wraith is not only point efficient but it does have some % Retal
Ravager 1:35
  • I played too aggressively

    • don’t fight with the Eye debuff in the 2nd phase like me at 1:15

      • I barely lived through that with Ghoul active
  • tweaks used for the fight: GrimTools

    • respecced from Judgment and Divine Mandate totally, Clarity of Purpose partially to Possession

Callagadra 7:10
  • 2nd try, I played very safely so nothing interesting to see here

  • tweaks used for the fight: GrimTools

    • skill point allocation just like when fighting Ravager

      • but I didn’t proc Hungering Void
    • not sure if necessary but I used

      (don’t destroy your expensive components but put the new ones in substitute Perdition pieces)

SR 75-76
  • when you pull too many enemies, including couple Nemesis at the time
    you can still finish the level by double skating around and just mowing through trash

  • Aleksander - keep spinning around him; his meteors are then much less likely to hit you; destroy the crystals while doing it

  • Rashalga - have Ghoul ready to facetank her when she retaliates

  • Zantarin - kill his minions while spinning around him

  • Fabius - must be retaliating really hard because he melts incredibly quickly

SR75 run with Fabius and Zantarin in the middle, Reaper at the end

Crucible 7:25

Just wanted to show you some gameplay, didn’t feel like playing it much
with time worse than expected most probably due to combination of factors:

  • playing only 2 times

  • not being good at melee builds / EoR

  • build not being great in Crucible

  • disrupt being deadly for EoR

You can probably estimate what’s its proper time by looking at it.
Knowing myself, I could probably lower it to around 6 minutes after some grinding.

In my 1st run I died at 170 due to the following silly super combo

  • some Nem disrupted my skills

  • then Benn’Jahr trapped me

  • then I accidently pressed the Map button

  • finally Alex dropped Meteor on my head while I was still trapped

credits to

  • banana_peel whose retal FoI inspired me to make my own channeling retal
  • Dammit for regex support in GT, i.e. /[0-9][ a-z]*retaliation[\s\S]*level: [8-9][0-9]/
  • Crate for continuous development of the game