[] Ritualist Poison Pet Build (Ghol Set) SR 90 / Mogdrogen kill


I hope my Video can be helpful. Too many YT Grim dawn build “guides” are only some gameplay coupled with a Grimtools link. With my explanation I hope that you can understand why I chose the Items and Skills, so you are not just copy pasting a build, were you will feel confused and awkward not knowing whats going on.

This is my take on the Ghol set. Trying to get the most out of poisonous pets!
And I am really happy with the result. At first the lack of Defensive ability stat really caused survivability problems with my pets, but after a lot of testing of different items and devotions I managed to clear SR 90 with him and defeated Mogdrogen.

The Blight Fiend is probably my favourite pet. And after seeing the poison boosts and second summon that the ghol set provides I really wanted to make a build around it.

But yea I will go over everything in my Video, so just watch that!

Our stats are pretty decent:

char stats1

But pets are really lacking the Defensive ability stat with the Ghol set:

pet stats1

which made me go a bit different for my devotion setup to give them a bunch of life leech.

When I have some free time I will test other super bosses with him and update the post.

Ritualist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (grimtools.com)


Hi, this build look great. You mention defence for the pet is not so great. Mainly weak on higher difficulty setting? Because I’m thinking to build from lvl 1, had stop playing GD for a long time.

I basicly use the same build exept for the off hand and a few devotions
nightshard is really good with this build