[] S&B Melee Acid Dervish - SR 90 / Ravager of Minds / Callagadra / Crate of Entertainment / Avatar of Mogdrogen

Hi everyone, I was going to update Sentinel version of this setup but then decided to give Dervish a shot. It was not bad at first but when I gave up from Misery and all the skill points and included the ABB with 3 piece Venomblade, it really shined.

PS: This is not a whole guide but merely a showcase

Image from the game with perma buffs, RF stacks and LA buff on

Helmet crafted with freeze, shield crafted with stun resist.

:shield::faction_dreeg:GRIMTOOLS:faction_dreeg: :shield:

SR 75-76 Complete Run

SR 85 Complete Run

SR 90 Complete Run

Ravager of Minds

No change maded. Used health, OA&DA, bleeding resist, lifesteal and armor pharma. Added Aether Cluster to the skillbar but didn’t need to use it, though Ravager killed me while he’s dying so maybe I should have :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t want to record again, as you can see if you pay attention to your cooldowns fight is not hard and no need to kite.

Avatar of Mogdrogen

Changed two chaos augment into lightning. Used health, OA&DA, lightning resist and lifesteal pharma. Added Aether Cluster to the skillbar but didn’t use, fight is pretty easy.
Crate of Entertainment

No change maded. Used health, OA&DA, regen, lifesteal consumables. Added Aether Cluster and Armor pharma to the skillbar but didn’t use them.


Changed two chaos augments into pierce. Used health, OA&DA, lifesteal, regen and armor pharma along with 1x Aether Cluster.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


No idea if I’m missing something or not, but this build (any many others I’ve seen on this website) have the devotion tree being completely broken on the actual build.

Like, as in, it’s impossible to build it in-game the way it’s shown.

You must be doing something wrong. Normally it constellation requirements can be met with the points they gave by some tweaks but this setup doesn’t necessitate it so you either haven’t got the 55 devotion points you need to get or doing something wrong.

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You need 1 white to get Tortoise. Tortoise gives 2 white. The final build uses all 55 points and you only have 2 white. You should have 3 for this to be even remotely possible.

It’s impossible to get Tortoise and everything else listed without spending a minimum of 56 points. You’d have to grab the white at the crossroads at a bare minimum.

So, I mean, I’m willing to accept I could be doing something wrong…but I do have all 55 points and by all accounts I cannot figure out how you only have 2 white when you should have 3. How did you spec into tortoise to begin with? Is there a way this can work with respeccing?

You remove that 1 yellow after tortoise completed, it’s 2 yellow bonus will meet the requirement of itself.

Makes sense now that you say it lol

Never realized that was possible. Thanks for the help, and great build you’ve got here.

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Hello Ford!

Thank you very much for this build, this toon is insane!!

To be honest this is my favourite character and I just feel like that overall this is the strongest build at the moment.

It has so many amazing features: survivability // 30% skill cooldown // extra speed with Vire’s might // huge DPS even with a shield // all celestials + SR90 etc.
The only downside I can think of is its expensive due to the 6 green items but this build is worth farming for.

What do You think Ford what is the weakness of this character?
Where would You put this toon on the top 20 list? (for me its absolutely number 1 even if its expensive).

The first HC toon for me that was able to do everything and reach the deep levels of SR comfortably even in HC.

Thanks again Ford!

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Thanks. I don’t think it deserves top 20 due to damage, but it’s normal since it’s a shield blade build. If it had capped attack speed and more health it could do SR 95 without pharma or clusters.


Waooo I am surprised that You think that its not suitable for the top 20 list :open_mouth:
I am not an expert from ‘build creation’ perspective at all so that is why I am shocked.
I thought this build is easily among the top 20 nevertheless as I mentioned for me its definitely in the top 3 and its number 1 right now.
Keep up the amazing work Ford! :wink:

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I am just curious, what builds in the top20 have you played that can be possibly considered weaker than this one?

it’s pretty simple mr. lee, ur 1st place avenger archon.

While it doesn’t defeat ur build is technical standpoint it’s stronger in the creative sector. It’s rare to see ABB builds nowadays. Such originality cannot be easily defeated.

jk, messing with ya


Hello Mr Lee!

I am not an expert at all and there are a lot of builds in the top 20 which I did not try yet and I am not saying that from damagevise the other builds are weaker I just thought that due to the high dps (in case of a shield toon), the amazing tankiness, the 4 celestials, the extra speed (VM), cooldown, overcapped 80+ resistances etc. would be enough to get a high place in the top 20.
The tankiness, cooldown, movement speed (VM) and different survivability skills like azrakaa, turtle sheel, ghoulish hunger etc. for me as a noob are just way too amazing features that is why I love this build :slight_smile:
For example the number 5 shooter vindicator is my absolute favorite besides this dervish toon but in higher SR and against hard enemies or enemy groups I have to be careful because I can die sometimes. With this dervish toon however the survivability is way too good.

So overall if both of You are saying that the dervish is not good enough for the top 20 I have to accept because I know that both of You with ford are experts.
Ohh and I already saw the comments that sometimes You plan to provide an update for the top 20 builds or at least add a few new ‘honorable mention’ builds and there could be even pets among them.
I am excited.
Thanks for the hard work Lee :wink:

That’s every build in top20 more or less. And even in honorable mentions to the top 20. And even in lower tier of top builds there are plenty of builds that do that.

It’s true, Vindicator while facetanking most of the content is not going to be the tankiest but it’s so high because of every other metric besides tankiness against groups is amazing or at least good on it.

Yeah, and I was saying that not because I wanted to put Ford’s build down or anything but it’s because it’s just the truth based on all our extensive tests.

I hope we do that but can’t promise :sweat_smile:

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I can’t agree with both of you at the same time so let me clear things up. I’m not a CR player, which makes me as a builder that doesn’t count on blessings. I also don’t like to change things according the occasions so I try to make builds even the absolute worst player can feel it’s tankiness and repeat the achievements without much trouble. On the other hand, the top 20 and the honorable mentions are more likely to need better piloting to reach the achievements. Since I’m not a better pilot than lee, banana or nofika; I don’t even bother to make builds for CR. I make balanced builds, I tend to reach the best damage while sacrificing the least defense. So my idea doesn’t fit the top 20 or the close ones because it’s not suitable for CR fast times. But as @Geri experienced, it’s safer to be play with and easier to pilot.

PS: @mad_lee Welcome back!

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Not really! Build’s final score took easiness to pilot into account. Also how forgiving the build is.

You won’t believe it but builds in the top20 have the same philosophy behind them. Moreover our main test field was brutal SR75-76 speedrun (not only speed but consistency) and killing Celestials was always a must. Buffed Crucible timer was one of the last things we took into an account when rating top20 builds.

You are welcome to check those top20 builds against your own and give us feedback. Moreover if you think any of your builds deserves a look send us a save file and we will give it a fair test and send you back some feedback.

cool another poison dervish build to try out… time to level a new char!

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Thanks for sharing this build! I use it and love it. I also think its a top 20 build or at least honorable mention because I had an easier time fighting celestials with it. You can literally just auto attack and win lol. And even thought it has a lot of greens, I felt like it was easier to build. Happy to see no deathstalker relic that won’t ever drop and no matriarch rings. That shield kind of makes me wonder what Crate was intending with the dual wield set vs the shield.

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