[] Shield&Gun Pierce Rune of Kalastor + RF Paladin - SR 90 / Ravager of Minds / Callagadra / Avatar of Mogdrogen

Hi everyone, another range build from me. I am still not good at positioning but atleast build is tanky so didn’t die so much :rofl: Build is slow obviously, RF damage isn’t that good but having %100 wps increases it a bit.

PS: This is not a whole guide but merely a showcase

Image from the game with perma buffs, WoR and RF stacks

Amulet crafted with stun resist; gloves, medal and belt crafted with %4 physique.

:gun: :shield:GRIMTOOLS:shield::gun:

SR 75-76 Complete Run

SR 85 Complete Run

SR 90 Complete Run (1)

SR 90 Complete Run (2)

Ravager of Minds

No change maded. Used health, health regen, OA&DA; bleeding, fire, cold, lightning, acid, vitality resist; lifesteal and armor pharma along with aether cluster.


Changed 2x augments with pierce ones, used health, OA&DA, health regen, lifesteal, armor pharma and aether cluster.

Avatar of Mogdrogen

No change maded. Used health, OA&DA, lightning resist pharma and aether cluster.

PS: Tested Crate of Entertainment two times but I think with this build it requires better piloting since fast kill is not possible.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


i like the part where you went ham on Smite, and looked at Storm spread like “i will not care about breakpoint” :smile:

I have no idea on range wps break points :smiley:

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spoiler alert
Storm Spread gains 2 extra projectile at 7pts

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Ohh, I missed that I suppose, I can save 1 point from somewhere without trouble thanks for informing :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d like this shield and gun paladin more than the dw blood borer variant build wise.

Currently, I am trying your build. is there specific reason for using Vicious Spike on the shield, instead of Seal of Blade? just curious. Your regard

Attack damage converted to health or flat damage from components or augments on shield can only be used in shield weapon damage which build doesn’t use with range WPS so Seal of Blade has no use.

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thanks for pointing out, fordprefect