[] Sorcerer Devastation & Mortar Build (Pyran Set) SR80+

I hope my Video can be helpful. Too many YT Grim dawn build “guides” are only some gameplay coupled with a Grimtools link. With my explanation I hope that you can understand why I chose the Items and Skills, so you are not just copy pasting a build, were you will feel confused and awkward not knowing whats going on.

I bring you one of the most fun build I have played so far. The Sorcerer using the Pyran Set. The amount of AoE damage is really insane and it looks really cool when all of the Meteors are raining down. Its a perfect build for speed farming any content, like SR, Crucible or Dungeons.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

stat overview

I balanced survivability and damage, so dont expect doing super bosses with this setup. Its just a fun Build for every other content. And by no means are you squishy. Surviving SR80 is easy if you keep moving a bit.

The Herald of the Apocalypse gives us pretty much another Devastation skill, on top of great benefits for our exact build setup.

And with the Eternity Relic, we really can keep the Cooldowns pretty low and continue using them much more frequently.

Grimtools: Sorcerer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (grimtools.com)


Hello. Indeed, it can be done better. I kill all superbosses with my build on mortars without any problems ))