[] Void Auramancer - EZ Playstyle - Big crits lifesteal aura - Sr 76, Cr 170

GrimTools: Purifier, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

The build reks. Vindictive Flame procs three times a second with a wide area, dealing critical hits of up to 292,000 damage (more accurately 80k - 292k depending on buffs and debuffs active), then healing for 20% of it, plus an additional 22% healing from the Ulzuin’s Wrath lightning.

The build has 100% conversion of fire to chaos damage. It doesn’t really use it’s basic attack. The playstyle is, cast your debuffs, stand around inquisitor seals, step out of AOEs and dodge big hits… Beyond that, let your aura obliterate enemies and heal you for it constantly. :smiley:

This is a very chill build to play, almost to the point of boring tbh. :stuck_out_tongue:



what’s that s*ity ass relic doing over there xD

Interesting nonetheless… I guess I give it a thumbs up. Wish it showed more armor tho.

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Haha :smiley: It’s clearly providing crit damage and OA, of course! :smiley:


Are there no better relics in the game? I bet Ignaffar’s Combustion would provide better DPS with its %Chaos damage and RR.
Big crits look cool and all, but OA has dimishing returns, and your crit damage isnt that high either…

It’s because the crit damage isn’t high that I wanted to boost it :stuck_out_tongue: It was an experiment. Especially having such high OA… Ignaffar’s combustion would give about a 11% or 12% damage increase versus the ~21% damage increase that fervor gives while it’s active… Probably ignaffar’s is more consistent, but what can I say? I built it for my own interest, and my interest was in bigger, redder numbers. :smiley:

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I dont think Fervor gives 21% increase while active. You’re far overestimating it. How have you got that number?
IMO, getting such crazy high OA is only worth it if you already have crazy high crit multiplier. Something like +100%, or even +150%. Something like a Primal Strike with Stormcaller’s Pact and Ugdenbog Sparkthrower, at very least.
Or if you plan to slay some superboss with crazy high DA (Ravager, Callagadra, etc.).

Overall - great job with this AFKfarm build. I only wonder - isnt your HP pool a bit too low? And what’s that Rune of Hagarrad for?


With buffs active, including Fervor this build has 107% crit damage… You’re right, I miscalculated the 21% boost of Fervor, presuming that each hit is a crit while it’s active. But my main point still stands - I wanted to see big red numbers, and with the added temp 10% OA and 25% crit damage that Fervor gives me, I get to see big red numbers more often. :smiley:

Your main point, that the build isn’t fully optimised, is also valid. But, I suppose I didn’t care about fully optimising the build, it seemed to suit it’s purpose just fine and I enjoyed playing it which is mainly what I wanted to achieve with it. Feel free to tweak it and improve it to suit your own interests of course.

The HP pool is a bit low, but the rapid healing and the high DA mean that the build is rarely crit.
Rune of Hagarrad reduces DA to enemies so I crit more often, of course. :open_mouth:

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Why not take Flashbang for that then? Isnt it better?

Mythical Arcane Shard of Agrivix
Legendary Amulet
+105% Fire Damage
+105% Aether Damage
+105% Burn Damage
+360 Health
+6% Casting Speed
20% Aether Resistance
+4% Maximum Aether Resistance
+2 to Arcane Will
+2 to Siphon Souls
+1 to all skills in Arcanist
+1 to all skills in Demolitionist
160-280 Fire Damage to Vindictive Flame
6% Physical Resistance to Vindictive Flame

Sadly no % Chaos damage, however bonuses to Vindictive Flame looks very appealing to me.

Oblivion as relic grants a skill to spam while Vindictive flame does the its work.

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I didn’t want to cause confuse to enemies; then they wouldn’t hit me as often and Vindictive wouldn’t proc as often.

Oh nice. :smiley:

I guess in this case I wanted the Inquisitor Seal bonus and -10% chaos RR… but, that is a tasty looking amulet :open_mouth:

That skill’s damage is very lackluster anyways. It isnt worth it IMO. I’d rather get sweet -10 RR from Ignaffar’s Combustion (not to mention +1 Inquisitor skills). As for skill to spam - you can get Flames of Ignaffar for that, it’s much stronger. It can also work as DA reduction instead of Rune of Hagarrad.

You already force them to run like chickens with Dying God proc. But, whatever…
Why not Flames of Ignaffar, then? A spam skill + DA reduction two in one…

I mean, you can keep making suggestions for the build, but at this stage, as previously mentioned, I’m happy enough with it and am unlikely to tweak it. So, feel free to do what you want with the build to make it your own. I built it to explore a concept (healing auramancer with crits for better aura/healing) and it worked. You’re welcome to refine it further. :stuck_out_tongue:

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