[] Warlock Aether Ray Build (Black Flame set) SR80+


I hope my Video can be helpful. Too many YT Grim dawn build “guides” are only some gameplay coupled with a Grimtools link. With my explanation I hope that you can understand why I chose the Items and Skills, so you are not just copy pasting a build, were you will feel confused and awkward not knowing whats going on.

Here is my take on the Black Flame Set.

I was kinda surprised how well it performed and how tanky it can be. The damage absorption of the Sphere of Protection from the Arcanist in combination with the absorption from the Possession buff of the occultist tree and the 28% physical resist of the Ritual circle we get from the black flame set, we become insanely tanky.
sphere of protectionPossession
Ritual circle

Being able to face tank a lot even in SR80+, which is perfect for the stationary Aether Ray skill.

stat overview

In my Video I have 2 Devotion setups. One is all round another one is more tanky. I have used the all round one for SR80 runs, so with the tanky option you should be able to go 85-90 SR.
When i have some time I will test it out and try the Super Bosses and update the Post.

Warlock, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (grimtools.com)


is this build good for leveling too yes or no if it’s not then what abilities should I use during the leveling process? then re spec the skill tree at a certain level just wondering peace.

CheeserYT you see where the Left right buttons are on the PC version of GD/Grim Dawn on console that’s where health and energy potions reside, that’s the only difference between the console/XBX/PS4/PS5 versions of the same game and all too.

Hey, this builds looks really interesting and I’d like to watch the yt video but it’s not available (says it’s private).

I do have a fairly up to date one fyi for which I just did record a video as well so u get an idea since OPs vid seems to be gone.
It’s less button heavy too and lets u spam ur AAR more, which you want.
Also no offense intended at OP with this, to make things clear!

That’s the GT and the vid for you as example.
While this run is by no means very optimal or giga fast it should serve as a good example to show you what this build is capable of doing. :slight_smile:
Hope this helps!
Cheers, Mergo! :clinking_glasses:

that’s niceeee, I’m just gonna dive in this build, It looks very tasty :slight_smile: thank you very much for the help and the guide :))

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Ur welcome! :wink:

What guide? I didn’t make one.
Just a showcase of my build and the guide here isn’t mine. :laughing: