[ -] (2H Melee) It Bonks - Blazerush Elementalist [4:30 Crucible] [SR75-76] [All Celestials]


Neither I was expecting myself posting builds for so long, nor Blazerush getting properly buffed after all these years of being a wasted weapon. I had posted a similar build long ago but unfortunately it didn’t age well (and now it looks like ass). This one, tho, I really love as it’s one of a few working Elementalist builds and 2h fire melee at the same time (both of these are kinda non-existing species). And maybe it’s some kind of closed gestalt for me that I’ve made an old build of mine and a whacky setup to perform really good.

The idea behind this build is to stack as much OA as possible to utilize the full potential of Upheaval that is a 4m and 275% wd nuke. With Savagery up and Flashband debuff the build has ~4400 OA that allows to land crits quite often even on superbosses. If you get lucky, you can trigger multiple Upheavals in a row which will result in devastating dps дпс and annihilation of almost any enemy.
Speaking about defences, the build has decent phys res and almost capped cc res but other than that, it’s also protected by several layers of defensive and healing procs - recently buffed Wayward Soul, Turtle Shell, Phoenix Fire, Blast Shield and Prismatic Rage. This still doesn’t make you completely immortal and one can die to a clusterfuck of mobs but surely it makes the life of 2h fire melee easier.




  • Weapon – core of the build. After recent buffs it gives full phys/li>fire conversion and some fat OA for Flame Touched;

  • Helm – probably the strongest single piece of armor in the game, yet not op. Damage reduction on the proc is really handy;

  • Armor – custom pieces are just plain better than Justicar, since the latter gives no phys res, no cc res or Upheaval points;

  • Amulet – another bis option since it allows to get absurd amount of OA;

  • Pants – for LL and extra resists; suffix is not mandatory, one can grab any with ele/fire damage


4:10 run

4:29 run

Shattered Realm


another SR75-76


Avatar of Mogdrogen - cba trying him again so no new vid.

Ravager of Flesh

Callagadra, Scion of Sands

Crate of Entertainment - random fight as always.

Summary and thoughts

The build is strong but pretty fairly balanced - it reaches the biggest DPS values I’ve seen in this game, even more than prime lightning RoK - and thus the ability to almost instantly delete enemies, but this comes at the price of being reliant on mostly luck and having 2 active and mandatory RRs and only one moveskill. But if one gets used to it, the build becomes kinda fun.

Feel free to download the build, play it and write your impressions and feedback. Hoots!


This build bonks, can confirm: played it and enjoyed it. Nice spec and write up.

But the picture collage at the beginning is actually an illustration of copium every Elementalist player has to have. Because if that dog(e) really starts chasing Avenger and Gutsmasher with its big Upheaval bat away, it will 100% trip and fall over its own mines because her mind was too focused on how many wind devils are currently up. All while desperately waiting for your single teleport cooldown.

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Can vouche for that too.
Also played it and what can I say… THE BONKENING is pretty BIG.
Cool toon & finally blazerush is in a good spot! :tada:


previously on blazerush builders: “don’t bother, bad meme” image

patch 9.8:



you see how big’s dat bat, right? there’s the thing. you don’t need to chase anyone, you just BONK - and then the shockwave spreads all across the world, that’s how big and powerful that bonk is.


It drives people bonkers :open_mouth:

Great build! :slight_smile:

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Can someone please help with devotion points?? Im doing something wrong because i do not have enough blue to put points in kraken…so i cant finish phoenix & the last one the ulzins torch…please help & thank you

you can take some cheap blue devo (like Eel) to take Kraken and then remove points from Eel.

Welcome here :slight_smile:

Quite likely - Devotions: A how-to on maximizing them
see the point “How to make devotions support themselves”

Also - it is likely that you have to temporarily take another devotion ot meet a requirement, only to remove it afterwards again (as the other devotion now supports itself)


Well, it turns out I am old and I actually didn’t play it, although I vividly remember playing it. (maybe played it in my dream? Who knows)

So had to make up for it and actually played it. And yeah, it really bonks!


I noticed that I have way better fire res in-game rather than in GT (37% vs 14%) so for anyone struggling with it, replace the 18% cold res aug with 12/12 fire/cold for better overcaps.


Now that Bart’s Warmaul has had its attack arc buffed to 120 degrees, it might be interesting to see how it fares using the same sort of building techniques as this Blazerush build. Single target of course would be worse but AoE would be really interesting - multiple Upheavals can proc with each hit and they can overlap. I believe the Ultos set once supported this capability via Savagery but got nerfed.

In any case, it might be worth a try.

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yeah, but taking Fire Strike means skill points problem, attack speed, OA and slow res loss. Plus how do you intend to convert Lightning to Fire?

Those are problems for you guys to solve. :wink: I tried solving these problems before with little success; maybe you guys have better luck.

That’s what I was trying to say, that it’s just unfeasible on a conceptual level already. You need a strong synergy item or couple of items like Blazerush and Korvaak helmet for a melee Elementalist to work. Bart Maul just won’t cut it, I don’t think you can even reasonably gather enough skill points with it on a fire strike + upheaval kind build.

I don’t claim that the concept is either good or works (done in about 20 minutes) - but getting Fire Strike, lightning to fire conversion and low investment upheavel is at least possible (however the OA is too low for a crit hit build) - Elementalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

quick retrofit of my lightning arcaneweaver elementalist
looks like the points are there, Elementalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
other stats might be unsalvageable without going mega green, no idea
*also didn’t redo skill points for fire/etc, so doubt distribution or devos are optimal, just a quick gear swap to check fire strike and upheaval points

11k HP, reminds me of my own elementalist i had somewhere :joy:

edit, look at this shitter :rofl:

so you are not converting Lightning to Fire fully? Also no Brimstone (not criminal but it’s still ok damage on melee FS). But most importantly no added Upheval weapon damage. Idk, unless this produces the bugged interaction that triggers multiple Upheavals at the same time I can’t see it. Maybe I am too old.