[] 2H Ranged Veilkeeper Druid - Yes It's Aether Upheaval! - SR 90 / Ravager of Minds / Avatar of Mogdrogen / Crate of Entertainment

Hi everyone, behold a meme idea turned out really good and only double rare is the weapon. But obviously it’s not that fast cleaner.

PS: This is not a whole guide but merely a showcase

Image from the game with perma buffs

Amulet crafted with stun resist, ring and pants crafted with %physique


SR 75-76 Complete Run

Since I’m very bad at range positioning build looks slower than it is.

SR 90 Complete Run (With Reaper and Valdaran)

With a few deaths obviously but not to Reaper nor Valdaran, Fabius is harder…

Ravager of Minds

No change maded. Used health, regen, OA&DA, lifesteal, armor, bleeding and other resist potions to be safe but probably you don’t even need some of them. Added Aether Cluster to the bar but didn’t use it.

Avatar of Mogdrogen

Changed one augment into lightning. Used health, regen, OA&DA, lifesteal and lightning resist pharma.

Crate of Entertainment

No change maded. Used Health, regen, OA&DA pharma and 1x aether cluster.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


Not bad for a meme concept! I do have couple of questions (because I never tried doing this build myself):

  • Did you test different combinations of relic/rings? (like magelords + haunt, magelords + agrivix, current rings + agrivix)
  • Do you think devos with Turtle can be better than devos with Ghoul?
  • Why didn’t you pump Mogdrogen Pact (it’s flat is fully converted)?
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Nope I didn’t, I thought %18 RR is better than some extra %damage and racial damage. Build doesn’t utilize conversion from Magelord but yeah DR would be better. Agrivix is good but impaired aim and fumble from haunt is very useful.

Sometimes but generally I prefer both if the build is squishy. On this one Ghoul is better becauae lifesteal is not that high without wendigo totem since normal Savagery hits are kinda weak.

I actually noticed it while testing Callagadra. Yes it’s possible and probably better with removing 10 points shaman mastery and adding mogdrogen pact. But it was late and I didn’t want to record everything again :stuck_out_tongue: