[] Bysmiel's Grenadiers - Budget Hybrid Pet Bombers

This is a beginners friendly hybrid pet build for completing the campaign on ultimate and farming SR smoothly up to around shard 60. This build is similar to builds I like to play in the campaign myself and is intended for fun, not to set performance records.

The build is easy to level for pet standards since there are no item-skills or conversion-items needed for the build to function. The build works the same level 1-100. Both player and pets inflict elemental dmg, in early game the player can use physical dmg.



This is a 2h-ranged fire Grenado OR Canister bomb thrower with only the dog and bird as pets (this is deliberate to have fewer buttons and improve playability as well as better thematics/immersion instead of a large freakshow of pets). The Canister Bomber is poorer on single target dmg, so it invests much more in the dogs basic attack to compensate.

The purpose of the dog is to reduce threat on the player character so that he has large freedom to move around and shoot. In late game the dog ‘glues’ entire groups of enemies to himself with petrification. The bird adds healing/dmg support and will almost never die, works more like an aura.

IMO the build works best with ‘charge through’ movement glyphs, to quickly skate to more favourable positions when needed.


The purple rifle is BIS, lower budget items are shown on the left and will lower the SR rating a bit for each swapped piece.




Don’t try to get the exact green items shown, the most important ones are the pet resistances on armor
keep armor pieces with …of the wild, …of caged souls, …of untamed and taskmaster… in your stash
to mix and match.

The purple ring is part of a 4-piece set and therefore has 4x higher chance to be found since you can transmute any of the other pieces into this one. You can also use 2 wendigo conjurer bands until it is available.


For leveling first take Fiend and Shepherd’s Crook, they will be removed later, put fiend on the dog
until Eye of Korvaak is available. Next take Lotus and Eel, now all tier 2 devotions can be gained in whatever order you need them.


During the game you want to construct the following 6 low level relics, some of which are ingredients for citadel which is the main ingredient for mogdrogen’s ardor: hysteria, ancestor, savage, fortitude, fortress, sanctuary. you can also stick to ancestor, but then try to get 2 bysmiel influence rings.