[] Cleric - Slow but steady, high healing tanky build. Cruci 170, SR 80

Grimtools: Conjurer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Slow but steady, this build certainly doesn’t deal much damage, but it’s healing is incredible.
I wanted to make something that ‘felt’ like a classic RPG Cleric, and I think this is a pretty good fit. In this case, it’s a melee build with very high healing and survivability, and extends that healing and survivability to any allies, so if you like playing with a friend, consider keeping them alive using this build. From it’s wendigo totems alone, it can heal itself about 10k HP per second, not including attack damage converted to health, or regeneration or any other sources of healing. The healing to the character is boosted by a nice 30% healing effects increase.

Slow and steady: Check out the face tanking of almost everything including Mad Queen

Key team benefits include:

:: Healing and Health
2x Wendigo Totems
Blood of Dreeg
Field Medicine
427 + 51% Health Regen
+53% Health bonus
+9% Lifesteal

:: Defensive Buffs:
400 Damage Absorption
50% resistance to life reduction
12% Reduced enemy damage
-205 OA to enemies
+19% Physical Resistance

:: Team Buffs:
+18% Crit damage
+174 OA
+733% Vitality / Vitality Decay damage
+128 flat physical damage
+10% Total Speed

Touch of Purity, Stone Form and Heart of the Wild all help to keep incoming DoT damage to a minimum for you and your team.

Enjoy :slight_smile: