[] Fire Righteous Fervor dual wield Shieldbreaker

I haven’t found anything like that so I decided to post my current build.

I am the judge jury and executioner

Ivan was an honorable Oathkeeper who loved to hit enemies with his shield. He tried so hard that at some moment his shield got broken. By this time his link with his shield was so strong that he materialized it once again, surprisingly, as a weapon.
From now on he is known as Ivan Brokenshield.

I haven’t tried it in crucible or high level SR (still farming for Ugdenblooms and faction reputation to finish the build), but so far it feels quite tanky (face-tanked and killed Rashalga in ~10 seconds).

I have a back problems so can’t play on my main PC and do this on my working laptop, launching GD on linux. Steam Proton probably has some problems with resolving videocard, so in mass combat everything turns in a slideshow. I had a choice: play with pets (nah), with retaliation (just finished) or kill as fast as possible large number of monster to finish the rest without lags. Turns out Judgement works just fine for this, especially when you throw Meteor Shower on top of it.

Righteous Fervor as main attack skill (right in a face).
Judgement with Meteor Shower helps to get rid of trash mobs and get them packed for further execution, ~30% ADCTH and fast attack speed (~195% full buffed) with 3 circuit breakers helps to stay alive, Smiting in the face for some additional small AOE.
3 Circuit breakers (Blast Shield, Ghoul, Mark of Divinity) + Ascension as “oh fu*” and boost CC resists button.
Smite adds some AOE and works fine for Phoenix Fire proc.

Justicar Guard converts Judgement to fire, Judicator’s Seals for the flavor but also good all around stats and to provide 20 flat RR (to get rid of Rhowan’s Crown).
Mythical Soulblade converts all damage to fire on main attack skill and provides up to 13% life steal, double that.
Initial plan was to use Fire Strike with Blazeheard and Mythical Alladrah’s Spellblade, but it looks that I sold it with my Belgo blademaster :slight_smile:
Double Seals of Might to compensate low physical resistances and boost some others in addition. Bonus physical damage is converted to fire.
Blademaster’s Talisman suprisingly fits better than Serenity, freeing up space for Mark of Divinity for additional survivability, boosting OA and providing additional WPS.
Mythical Runeplates of Ignaffar looks more appealing skill-wise (+3 smite) but leaves you with less Physical resistance and less overcap on Acid resistance.
Belt - Ulzuin’s Torment should be better, but I only have Crimson Lotus, still ok.

Classic oldschool Chariot + Behemoth for some sustenance in mass combats (to survive the lag before everyone dies).
Ghoul for the ADCTH + circuit breaker.
Meteor Shower to max AOE on trash mobs.
Phoenix Fire for additional survivability.

I’m still experimenting but since my main goal is to have as much AFK damage (during lags) as possible, I found it cool to bind Fissure to Thermite Mines. To achieve it I had to get rid of Rhowan’s Crown, not sure if Fissure dmg > 12 RR + damage from Elemental Storm, may be not.

Current build main problem is freeze resists that I solve by using Ascension.

p.s. english is not my native, sorry for mistakes.

Some questions that I have for this build:
Does WPS additional Physical damage converts to fire due to Mythical Soulblade Righteous Fervor damage conversion?
Does the same happens to 10% additional physical damage from Blademaster’s Talisman?



Yes, it’s a 10% chance of a certain amount of flat physical damage tho.

Hey, gratz on posting a build. I would recommend trying seals of the void and then compensating for phys res somewhere else (maybe in a boot slot). Thing is, each WPS proc multiplies your auto-attack damage. So in your case 156% weapon damage of Righteous Fervor is multiplied by 136% weapon damage of your Smite hits, (so 1,56 x 1,36 x your global flat). But the problem is that you only have 26% chance to proc Smite and 25% to proc Blademaster’s wps, that leaves 49% of your attacks without a wps (and thus really lacking in damage). Seals of the void add quite a bit of firepower.
Plus Judicators while giving some nice OA and damage reduction and flat RR might not be the best fit here due to lacking any %damage. And that 20 flat RR is much less than what Rhowan’s Crown offers. Long story short, you can squeeze out much more damage out of this archetype (while maintaining similiar tankiness or even improving it). Here is a similiar build that I made that can give you some ideas. It’s based on Fire Strike, but like devotions wise (like grabbing Turtle and skipping Giant), items wise (except weapons) and damage numbers wise you can see what you can get.
Another tip: your flat physical damage sources like Temper and Rebuke are all converted into fire so it makes sense to max them out. It also makes sense to pump Smite till 14/20 in your case to get additional 2% to proc it.

And I hope your back will feel better once you tune up your fire knight a little bit! Cheers!


Thanks, I know how WPS multiplier works, I just don’t like the chaos damage (your build converts it, my doesn’t).
As for the Judicators vs Combustion + something else - I tried it, really more damage, easier to cap Aether resists, etc. But. Judicator provides 20 flat RR out of the box (to throw away Rhowan’s Crown), immediately, right where you hit, instead of waiting for Crown to proc, it provides another layer of tankiness by reducing enemy damage and on death proc is awesome (though not on celestials, ofc).
But the main reason is RP - once you wear full Justicar set you just can’t pass by Judicator rings :stuck_out_tongue:

I checked your build, it really squeezes maximum damage out of the Shieldbreaker going all green but this is not the goal of this build. As I wrote before - I needed it to have some burst AOE and enough tankiness to survive till mob pack decrease without relying on ADCTH. Also I like stacking Giant with Vindictive Flame, I feel righteous, vindicated :slight_smile:
I wanted to check out what Justicar set is for besides Fire Blitz/Forcewave and surprisingly ended up with a well rounded balanced build. Definitely gonna try it on Celestials, once I finish with components and faction reputation (I started from Elite and skipped Forgotten Gods quest line entrirely, gonna finish it on Ultimate).


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Chaos damage will be just a part of Seals of the Void, they will still be mostly Fire. Trust me, they are a must have on a fire melee, just too good to not take it.

Good luck with it! Facetanking Ravager and putting him down fast is a good test for any melee!