[] Fire Sigil Sentinel | SR 75-76 farmer | Ravager & Crate

GT (dmg focus)

A Fire Sigil stacking build with Guardians and Judgment as additional damage sources, probably mandatory for good DPS.
I decided to make this quick showcase because the AoE leech allows charging into big groups of enemies recklessly which speeds up the clearing considerably and make the build enjoyable to play.


Crate by GT

SR 75-76

Callagadra is also doable but in a lame way because the vast majority of the 2nd phase fight would need to be under Aether Cluster influence, with a few Sigils prestacked before every usage so that you can hold your ground on your own for a bit. I can see also getting a bit more Physical resistance (devotion + Seal of Might) and doing the behind the :cactus: exploit facetank. Pierce / Bleed res armor augments needed.

Some gear / skills info


provide more damage, conversions and duration to the main skill.
You can take Conduit of Eldritch Whispers with -15% Elemental Resistance instead of the latter.


Blazeseer provides skill points for Sigil and Guardians and has a nice Meteor proc.
Can be gambled by transmuting other high level Epic set items which is quite cheap.


3 pieces of Justicar Guard allow Judgment to be a good source of damage in addition to its vacuuming ability.


Mythical Combustion Band adds points to Sigil’s subskill Destruction and lowers Fire resistance of enemies.

Other items chosen simply for their good stats.

All skills need to spammed as often as possible. Here I’ll only list the ones I have something to write about.

2.2s recharge and 13s duration allows stacking many Sigils on top of each other. You’re the most Vulnerable after casting just the 1st one.
It might be beneficial to use Pet Attack in SR to focus Guardians on single bosses / heroes
Vire’s Might together with Violent Delights from a medal augment provide excelent mobility.
Oleron’s Blood from component is used for 20% Damage reduction, Weapon Damage needed to benefit from Viper, devotion proccing, Total Speed.

That was quick …:wink:

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Would you recommend this to a newbie? Any chance for a budget version? I very much like how there’s not a lot of buttons to press. :slight_smile:

I don’t. I specifically looked into this some time ago and decided that it’s not worth it.

Whoa, that was fast! Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!

Alright thanks! the search continues! heh. :slight_smile:

Have a look here Beginner build guides Compendium (for AoM + FG expansions)

I am looking at the same exact page right now, literally just found out after googling a few mins ago. So many builds. Maybe I’ll try out a bleed melee build, they look interesting. Thanks again tqFan!

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GT - damage focus update

  • Conduit with -15% Elemental Res instead of Reaver’s Hunger

    • for Fire resistant Nemesis, Ravager and more burst damage in general
  • Destruction went from 21 to 22

  • added Flame Torrent devotion (on Guardians), using Vire’s Cascade on Honor to proc Eldritch Fire

  • 8% to Chthonics for Grava from Sanctified Bone head component

  • 12% to Humans from Honor relic for Fabius and Iron Maiden

  • more OA (scales well against Ravager / Iron Maiden and Crit Damage is ok)

  • buff to Grim Fate (20 more Fire damage to Sigil)

  • better optimized devotion proccing

  • 1 more button to press unfortunately

Ravager kill time improved from 2:14 to 1:29 (Cursed Tincture helped too):

New SR 75-76 with Gargabol facetank
(stupid death against Fabius from attacking him with 10% Health)



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