[] Luminari Godkiller: Ravager, Mogdrogen, Callagadra, Crucible 4:40, SR 75-76 Belgothian Infiltrator/Blademaster

RR is the easiest way to improve damage, especially against highly resistant monsters.

16 points though, you spend 14 - one in main skill, one in 2nd node for area, and then 12 in the last node for the RR.

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Ghoul makes this guy unkillable. Somehow it’s unkillable in other people’s hands even without Ghoul but i guess i’m just not as skilled player :man_shrugging:

Do you mind posting your devotion with ghoul included?


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Update to for blademaster


@grey-maybe I’m really scratching my head trying to understand why not one point in Belgothian sheers is worth it, when you net 11 or 12 points total with all the bonuspoints from gear.
Is there some hidden issues? Slow animation? Make other skills proc less often?
Sheers! :slight_smile:

yes, animation on BS sucks compared to Zolhan.

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Hey, so I am still fairly new to the game… have made a couple characters now but enjoying Blademaster the most by far, and nearing level 100.

I was checking this out, and I saw it on someone else’s build… why do you not get Amarastas Quick Cut? Even 1 point into it + my gear gets it to like level 6. The only thing I could guess is that the proc takes away from attack time / other procs, or something? I saw where you said even after buff or something it still wasn’t worth taking, I just don’t understand why to not just invest at least a point into it, unless it’s for the reasons I mentioned.

Same question for Zolhan’s technique.

Was really hoping someone might help me out here… Thanks!

Edit: Also, I see Oleron taken up which looks pretty cool, but it’s a lot of +% physical damage… which I thought goes to waste the way GD calculates damage, since with swords + blades of nadaan, we are doing pretty much all pierce damage, arent we?

Oleron has % pierce

When you get deep into the mechanics of how certain skills work AQC and a few others are often skipped because of how they behave.

Thank you. I also just saw the post directly above mine… lol, sorry.

Hmm. It seems pretty universal so I’ll try dropping it. Might try to mess around at the dummy and see how I can tell for myself. Appreciate it.

Edit: I just looked at Oleron again in tools, and in-game, and I don’t see Pierce damage anywhere. Am I missing something?

Yes, it has % Pierce damage.


This is my current blademaster setup, should I drop belgothian shears for zolhan’s technique? I thought Zolhan’s technique was bad with dual weapons.

It got buffed a few updates ago so it hits with both hands now instead of just one.

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Now I recall it working only for male characters for some time. But :crate: reacted quickly before it went to Twitter,
admitted it was sexist and granted women the right to hit with two hands when using this technique.
True story bro. Who knows, maybe someone was fired for this.


Hello. While I know the author isn’t around anymore, I was wondering if the Blademaster part of this guide is still viable as is. Is the gear BiS still or is there anything to switch out? Same question for devotions. Thanks in advance!

There’s an update to Blademaster a few posts above.

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@tqFan would you recommend farming the greens for the affixes or just go with legendary and epic gear instead?

I don’t know this build but in my opinion these greens are just stat sticks for optimizing DPS while also filling the gaps that you personally won’t need. Maybe ACDTH to Whirling could be helpful but the build has Living Shadow for that too. I think you can go for Legendary / Epic gear provided you keep your resistances (including slow res) on good levels and be fine.

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@tqFan thanks a lot! I am not wanting to push this build to be the fastest clearer; just want a strong and fun BM without a lot of buttons to press. Simple and deadly. If I have 10-20k less DPS I couldn’t care less. But devotion-wise should I use the original or the newest one?

Edit: just saw you said you are not that familiar with the build: makes sense as I have heard you say you prefer casters to melee. So ignore the devotion question if you like. :grinning:

In the previous devo there’s no Scales for Reduced Target’s Resistances but gloves with modifier giving it to Ring of Steel so the current one needs Scales because it uses different gloves.

I personally

  • wouldn’t play Ring of Steel at all out of laziness because

    • it doesn’t proc any devo it seems in current build so is it just for Fumble / Stun / a bit more AoE I think
    • seems more suited for Crucible
  • used Scales

  • but changed current devo in the following way

    • remove 2 free nodes from Scales

    • put 1 into Yellow Crossroad

    • remove all points from Vulture

      • seems it comes from pathological Cunning Dump to get 3 more second in Cruci :laughing:
    • put those 4 points elsewhere, into Ghoul proc / Ulzaad Decree / (Dryad - Yellow Crossroad) not sure would need to analize devo more

I assume Lee doesn’t need this Ghoul at all so this would be a “more bang for your buck” / blind kind of change for inexperienced with the build.