[] Luminari Godkiller: Ravager, Mogdrogen, Callagadra, Crucible 4:40, SR 75-76 Belgothian Infiltrator/Blademaster

Thank you.
I made some adaptations according to your suggestions.

This is the result: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZoOJnoZ.

I just tried some 150 crucible with it and still am getting rekt… No idea what I´m doing wrong still tbh

Can you upload a video? Are you using buffs/banners? What wave are you getting wrecked on?

I am terrible with Video stuff, but if I cant get it to work I will try and make a video. The wave actually depends, somewhere between 130 and 150 I just die. Im playing without any Buffs or Banners though. Are those necesarry / standard to use?

Yes, Crucible without buffs and banners is more about player’s skill than about the build. Even 130-150. Especially with melee. So buffs/banners setup as in my videos are pretty much mandatory if you want to farm Crucible. But for efficient farming I would definitely farm SR 65-66 with this melee build, because there is no big punishment for death there.

@mad_lee How would you replace the gloves? They aren’t that good anymore with the new conversion modifier on aura of conviction…

Mythical shadow’s grasp. Its blue glove. Its actually better than UM, and I never use Unchained might before with infiltrator (since i dont use Oleron’s rage) and get Scale devotion for ADCTH and flat RR

Lol, haven’t even thought about it. But yeah, blue gloves should be good. Different devos would be needed tho.

Hi @mad_lee , can i ask you for your opinion please ?

I have many inspiration from this forum, specifically from @Stupid_Dragon , You and another experienced players. THX very much for Your time. Daniel.

Hi, if you copy my version you will get a pretty balanced Belgo spec. If you want to trade some defenses for more damage you can use green medal or maybe even green Derp Slicer. In your GT heavy pants is one of the things that is bringing your build down: they are heavy and don’t let you go full Cunning investment. Also Direwolf medal is a bit outdated for Belgo BM (since WPS rework) and there are some minor things like uncapped armor absorb and uncapped Shadow Dance.

Thank you for your quick reply. I have all things farmed in my stash, I’ll try to test. I was more interested in where I am missing something, what resistance, armor or other defensive abilities.

The main thing that your spec was missing is damage to have enough adtch and to kill dangerous enemies quicker. Also another small but important detail that I forgot to mention is restless remains in gloves - absolutely crucial for this kind of build.

Thank you so much for your knowledge! I spend more time counting than playing :slight_smile: and rebuilding… :smiley: viable? New and got some gear and want a build to kill bosses.

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Wondering the same, but I think it should still be quite good.

I would say Infiltrator would need a bit of rework in terms of gear but Blademaster spec should still be very solid defensively. Maybe use blue pants with huge cunning roll and bonus to Night’s Chill, or spec into Reaper’s pants and get 24/16 Blade Spirits. For Celestials it would need certain tweaks too.

New updates to the build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLw0a42

Fast af and super fun.



SR80 (by me):


Скажите, пожалуйста, нужно ли вносить какие-либо изменения в билд Вашего Фихтовальщика в связи с выходом патча Или он до сих пор актуален?

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Callagadra kill


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Help me understand the Word of Pain path. The way I am currently looking at it, this represents 16 skill points spent only to gain a -30% pierce resistance debuff.

Are those many skill points worth it? Is this a meaningful debuff at such a cost?