[] Luminari Godkiller: Ravager, Mogdrogen, Callagadra, Crucible 4:40, SR 75-76 Belgothian Infiltrator/Blademaster

I’d say gloves. I have tried blue gloves + Scales devotions for flat RR and I didn’t like it. Scales work pretty poorly when not converted and not with a 2hander. And playing it without Ghoul is pretty sketchy.

Have you tried Belgo relic? According to @Superfluff is performing better. And also can reset your Ghoul.

But even if it’s not better it’s an option.

I don’t think Belgo BM can really afford it.

Hey Mad,

Any reason you don’t go 2 Belgothian rings? Just wondering.

Because physique, attack speed and attack speed proc will be kind of useless. Build already has 0 points in physique and 1-3 points in Spirit. Attack speed is hard capped. So I’d rather take massive OA from Blackwatch Seal because all benefits of the second Belgo ring don’t scale here almost at all.

I stop playing GD, check in the forum just out of curiosity and I see utter nonsense said about poor old Belgo.

Feels bad man…

I’ll let myself out :sweat_smile:

Good praet behavior
Back to the forum after a break to throw shit into the author in his own guide

Sigh, should have made it easier. Here is what my answer should have been @Dmt. and for the player asking questions, not anyone else.

Like at @Nery said. Once you get use to piloting it, do try Belgo relic. Itt’s better net dmg. more Ulzaad, more RoS, more mobility from SS and Violent delights (hope you are using that). Overall Belgo relic and Azrakaa provide a more fun experience for a speedy killer like belgo.

As for Ghoul, personally I don’t use it. I find it to be an unreliable cushion to fall on for this char. I’ve even skipped it in Crucible naked run. with purple only version. Ghoul is RiP there where you need consistency wher with ghoul you are 5 sec God and then it’s pretty bad.

For non naked I just didn’t find it necessary.

Well sorry righteous member of the forum. But having worked so many hours on belgo building and thread and done runs to the brink of sanity, it hurts when I see things that are simply not true regarding it’s performance. But people can choose their own source of info and also impart their own opinion.

I was tagged by nery so, just out of curiosity, I read what it was all about (tbh i rather i hadn’t), and I didn’t like it or agree with it . That simple.

and btw being praet has no behavioral implications more than any other member. It doesn’t mean i need to sugarcoat an opinion or hold hands.

But it’s fun to see some things haven’t changed, and i’m by no means “back” :slight_smile: Cheers regardless!


Your Belgo is a fringe build, Crucible glass cannon, good for setting records, not good for actual farming. Taking Azrakaa relic on Pierce Nightblade is a mistake because +1 to Nightblade is the single most valuable thing on a Belgo build. Taking Belgothian relic is not a mistake, however, the edge it has over Serenity in terms of damage is insignificant, it’s been tested, however the drop in consistency is quite noticable.

In the current meta you need a lot of skill points to max out wps. Serenity allows you to do that freely and get War Cry as a spare change which further increases the gap in consistency between Serenity spec and Belgothian Carnage spec.

Scales just don’t work without conversions on a non-2h base, I have tested it too. As much as I would’ve loved to use Mythical Shadow Grasp gloves here I just can’t, because Ghoul is simply necessary.

etc etc.

Lee, you like to dabble in absolute opinions/truths really. And we’ve been here before. You know your exeperience, and from that, whatever anyone else does is a fluke and not valid, talking about thousands of runs and so many hours of work but w.e…

I;m not about to discuss that with you again. You have your take I have my methods :slight_smile: That’s why we each have a thread.

I literally only chimed in because nery pinged me. I don’t check your thread just to see if i can disagree ( i know i would anyway :smiley: ). I only replied for nery and the player asking the question. feel free to defend your build and even invalidate others as a fluke, i really don’t care, or play atm and it will remain so

I actually listen to opinions of the others and always happy to change something based on someone else’s suggestion as long as this suggestion is sound. In the end I end up making some of the best builds this game has ever seen. So that’s my “take”.

I don’t think you can take the high road after saying this about my findings about Belgo

I know you think very highly of yourself :slight_smile: it’s what makes these discussions so interesting.

It’s not a high road. It’s just how I feel on the topic.

And why would I need a high road after what I said? It may have been blunt but it’s not untrue. Saying that Belgo can’t afford to do Crucible well with Belgo relic is objectively utter nonsense since so many others players do it, not just us. There is nothing to sugarcoat or beat around the bush about there.

i know we have vastly different opinions, but you honestly took me by surprise by saying that with conviction. That is all.

and let’s linger on the high road thing and what DmT said. i disagreed bluntly with an opinon on the build, you call my entire thread with many iterations of belgo for different purposes a fringe build…

notice the subtle difference :))

anyway, let’s end it here. This was a nice reminder. Back to work for me

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Both if your builds suck @mad_lee @Superfluff. Mine is the best. now kiss and makeup you kids


Conviction comes from experience and hours of testing and letting other players test it as well (other players who are not Crucible aces).

I talk the talk but I also walk the walk. In other words, I have produced dozens of top builds to back up my opinions.

I don’t remember the last time you have made produced anything good, especially in the latest patches where meta has changed so much. Yet you barge in into my thread and shit on my opinions about how stuff works in GD.

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You are absolutely adorable.

This translates to you missing me right :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: ?

Right @romanN1 ? Can I kiss him now?

Much as I enjoy seeing heads being banged together I think that’s enough for this thread. Fluff has his opinions, you have yours mad_lee. Agree to disagree is what I suggest.

We had discussions about it in my Belgo thread, that’s why I tagged you, didn’t mean to start any controversies.

I tried Belgo relic vs Serenity. My times aren’t impressive as yours or Lee’s. Serenity relic grants free resistances, which you definitely need, unless for green MI items. Especially Aether one is helpful in Crucible. +skills is also dope but I had Kaisan ammy to compensate. But even with Will of Blades and green pants you should still have enough skill points to use Belgo relic. Serenity proc is also dope but I like it better on builds with lots of absorb, cause if you activate it on trash/non-essential wave it’s pointless.

So Belgo build after aggro have been fixed is a build that requires certain amounts of skills and you can be killed fairly easy. But in my mind Serenity isn’t improving build’s defense, just extra skill points are clear advantage. For leveling Belgo relic also can be used at earlier levels, so that’s advantage if you start from scratch.

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IK what you meant. There is no controversy there :smiley:

I had a lot of fun testing Akrakaa and Belgo relic ( even in naked cruci and vs Calla or SR ). So for Belgo I wouldn’t touch serenity with a long stick. I’m not saying it’s a bad relic. Anyone likes +1 skills. Just that the mechanics provided by the other two relics provide belgo a bit more spring in his step and enough defense to enjoy that benefit

aggro is what i prayed for and lack of it broke my will to play GD :smiley: …well, part of it. Glad to hear it works well

Hello people,

i tried to copy the build to the best of my capability and access to items, augments etc.
I still cannot clear most of the content which is advertised in this guide. Might very well be me sucking ass at piloting, still i would be interested if there are things i could improve in theory about my build. Maybe something has changed with the patches etc.


Any advide would be appreciated.

Best regards.


In order to clear content which is advertised, you have to copy my grimtools link :slight_smile:

First of all, you lack a lot offensive power in your calc. Use at least two Hammerfall augments in jewellery and make a proper Cunning dump. Your OA is too low to apply Assassin’s Mark fast enough so most of the time your damage and as a consequence your leech suck. You need non-heavy pants for that.

Secondly, having restless remains - 3% extra adtch is CRUCIAL for builds like that.

Last little detail, you got 2 extra points in Belgothian Shears over the cap.