[] Murciélago de Fuego - Fire Bat: 4:20 Crucible Gladiator 150-170, 51s Ravager, SR 75-76, SR 90, DW Melee Fire Strike Shieldbreaker by mad_lee [c+][sr+][g3][vid] (+bonus build: fire SnB Shieldbreaker)

So I have realised that my bindings weren’t that optimal and it’s better to bind Eldritch Fire to Thermite Mines and Magi to Flashbang. Much better results across the board:

6 seconds Mad Queen kill (lucky Armored mutator with -8% elemental res to monsters)

6:14 lucky Crucible run

6:52 unlucky Crucible run

14,5 seconds Lokarr kill

@Loki3012 Since you are probably the only one who is playing this build at this moment, you might find this useful.

Fissure to flashbang? Interesting. Did you cast flashbang every 1.5sec or it can also proc in flashbang duration?

Thanx for lettin me know i changed it and yes y were right much better

Not really, no. Fissure is not that big of a damage dealer and in Crucible one Flashbang cast into a horde of mobs is enough to proc it. Throwing it every 1,5 seconds loses you damage.

Made an interesting test: all-offensive spec with Esence of Beronath amulet and Annihilation relic and Thunderstruck Stoneplate Greaves of Featherstep. Surprisingly damagef felt lower and build predictably became less stable. Result: death at 6:43 at wave 169.

So RR on Flashbang Conduit mod is actually a pretty awesome mod it seems.

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Tested this melee beast in new patch - same performance overall. Made three runs in Crucible Gladiator, a bit slower than usual because I am out of practice and also Grim Internals haven’t been updated yet: 6:40, 6:52 with one Elemental res mutator and 7:12 with Elemental res mutator and unlucky boss draw.

Added 6:40 run to the op.

I don’t get why the DPS is so great here, but you clearly can’t argue with the results. I tried making a DW blazeheart pyro using harbinger’s grasp + 3x justice months ago, and even with 22/12 solael’s, damage was meh.

Few reasons for that:

  1. Fire Shieldbreakers are oozing with Synergy. Huge offense and great circuit breakers
  2. That Flashbang Conduit + Serenity setup is as fast as blue Beronath amulet + Annihilation relic (I have tested that) but makes the build insanely resilient (while “offensive” setup has the same killing speed but dies every second time). So I think that insant flat RR applied to a huge group of mobs quickly thru 12/12 Flashbang adds quite a lot)
  3. New Thermite Mines are so fucking good, I can’t stop loving them. So fun to use. So basically I have double RR from mastery applied almost instantenously every time I fight.
  4. New Blazehearts are the shit. I convert every bit of Chaos damage making Seal of Void’s WPS hit like truck and making Brimstone 100% Fire. Swords also convert 100% of Vitality making Bat hit hard (add Pierce to Fire conversion from the ring to that too) - thus the name of the build - “Fire Bat”.

If only monsters weren’t so resistant to Fire, this build could go below 6 minutes easily.

Still doesn’t explain why it wouldn’t work with a pyro. :confused:

I would have thought that the AS + Fat damage on both solael’s, possession, and second rite would’ve made it beastly.

What’s the highest damage dealt? Also, is it because of the WPS?

Well, maybe you tried Pyro before Blazeheart and Thermite Mines buffs? Try trying it now.

My guess is that Shieldbreaker has passive RR (very important for an auto-attacker) and massive Crit damage. It’s also obviously tankier than Pyro so it can stand its ground and dish out punishment.

Riiiight. I forgot about divine mandate. Slow res must be huge here too.

In your opinion, would possession + BoD make a pyro pretty tanky as well. Would imagine the phys res and massive armor from justice set to be godly here.

Nope, I think melee Pyro would be paper despite phys res and absorb from possession. No Resilience, no Ascension, wonky CoF casting and lower damage output due to lower crit, no passive rr and lower %Fire would probably mean dying every second time for Pyro.

Don’t know about lower %fire damage, because with chaos, acid, and vit res taken care of in mastery, you probably can use korvaak’s deception or another ammy.

Ascension is probably the most important factor here.

EDIT: That + CoF as you said.

You are right, Pyro can muster quite a bit of flat damage with the same gear. But all the damage from procs and devotions will be lower. Gotta look at Fire Strike damage tooltip on Pyro to be sure.

I think it’s passive RR. Ascension uptime is not that big.

But you didn’t answer, when was the last time you have tried similiar Pyro?

Before the port to the new forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

I made a bug post about it because I couldn’t understand why there was physical damage in the tooltip. Korsar then explained that explosive strike is a damage source independent to the FS line, and will be unaffected by the 100% phys --> fire conversion on blazeheart.

ah, not that shit again, no! I need to stop investing in Explosive Strike altogether it seems, at least on this build. God damn it. Those awkward “skill inside the skill unaffected by skill modifiers from items” mechanics piss me off.

30% WD on it is nice though. I think 12/12 is a good place for it.

I wouldn’t rush to this conclusion. The mod would be completely useless otherwise. It was designed specifically for ES (what else? Balzehearts are daggers now)

I made my own Blazeheart version and I can tell you ES matters, at least for WD%. ES may be an independent source mechanically but it IS on FS line.

I’ll find out a certain answer when I get home. If the conversion does not work, and i’d be surprised if it didn’t, then it’s BS and a bug in my mind

Well, I tweaked points from ES and back. I think FS tooltip is benefiting from weapon damage, %chance of physical on Explosive Strike shows as physical on Fire Strike tooltip. I gotta test with 5/12 ES and 12/12 ES and see.

I’m pretty sure that’s the case, though I can’t find the bug report. Was streaming it on steam with valinov watching, and he convinced me to make a bug report.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2E4GBJN <-- The build I used.