[] The Gargoth Knight - Arcane Shieldgunner - SR80 HC

A quick showcase of my new Shield & Pistol tank, based on Bane Gargoth’s shield.

It uses fire forcewave and 3 WPS: Markovian, Zolhan and Burning void, no autoattack replacer. There is no investment in shield mechanics, sustain is mostly regen, overguard is a one-pointer tied to behemoth to act as heal skill.

I think damage is very good for shield standards, 26 sec dummy kill without the retal and elemental seekers SR80 can be done deathless without elixers since all resistance is well overcapped except one aether used for Anasteria since she reduces more than -40. SR85 is not impossible but too inconsistent for deathless.

Notes on the Shield

There are a lot of workable combos of affixes on the shield. I prefer Infernal…of Scorching, Chronomancer of…scorching is even more dmg but no physical resistance at all and I think it is harder to farm than fire affixes. Durable…of Wildfire is most tanky, or Infernal…of Mending.


Isn’t burning void going to waste on the shield? Or does it activate the same as it does off of a weapon?

I don’t know actually, i thought it would just raise the chance of proccing to 32%, but
now i think maybe I could have used a better component

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It works on shields too. Easy to check - equip any shield with Seal and beat some dummies, the proc happens.