[] The Saboteur: a Cold War Story, 4:05 Crucible Gladiator 150-170, SR 90, Celestials and fast SR 75-76 - swift and deadly Cold caster Saboteur

*Traversing thru the ravaged and cold plains of Cairn
**Credit for the title idea goes to the legendary @Nery himself


I remember the times when Rimetongue builds were absolute memes unable to compete with other sets because among many other reasons Blade Trap barely worked. Grenado used to be a skill that didn’t really work given the required investments. However it was nothing that few balance patches couldn’t solve. I absolutely loved Rimetongue Sabouter the first time I played it after Grenado rework. And since then I’ve been slowly tweaking it delaying posting here because I wasn’t fully satisfied with how the build performed. I think my latest version is finally worth posting.

The Build

<<<< GRIMTOOLS >>>>*

*Craft everything for stun and slow resistance
**It’s important to get physical resist prefix on the off-hand

Trap questions

Again you with your double rares!
Ring can be vendor farmed (it will take some time). Off-hand can have a magical suffix. Top end builds are worth farming for, trust me.

What is this off-hand even doing here?
Physical resist.

Will it matter if I make with different items or devotions?
Yes, this particular archetype is very sensitive to correct min-maxing simply because Sabouter as a class combo is naturally far from being the tankiest one. So suboptimally min-maxed Sabouters will suffer a quite a bit.


I’ve tested few gear combinations here and this one yielded the best results by far. Most slots are pretty much fixed. Medal and ring can be vendor farmed. There is a little bit of leeway with rings however. Weapon’s weapon damage mods helps with the leech quite a bit.
In terms of skill and devotions I decided to get Blast Shield to 14/12 because with build’s cdr and with how Sabouters can be it’s important to have this very strong fail safe with the shorter cooldown. I one pointed Flashbang and the nod for the tougher encounters. Everything else is self-explanatory. With Devotions I have tried few different combinations. This one with Korvaak and Ultos and Ghoul was my favourite for a long time. But the latest Yugol one with Turtle and different rings hits just the right spot imo.
For leveling guides search on this forum!

This is the endgame build. It works as advertised once you equip required gear at character level 100 and repeat my grimtools as close as possible.


With this build it’s important to find the right rhythm and not mash buttons together. Your damage grows exponentially if your Grenado blows up a mob that is trapped (and also debuffed by Thermite Mines). So it’s important to trap the mob first and then blow it up. Grenado also has a radius so you benefit of lobbing it in the middle of the (trapped) crowd of monsters. Build facetanks any monsters one on one and most crowds but remember that you have quite a bit of range if you need it. Also be extra careful with Mad Queen and only trap her if you have Blast Shield ready.

Ravager facetanking has about 40-50% success rate and requires careful rotation of your fail safes and a lot of pharma. Unfortunately because Trap doesn’t have any effect on this boss a lot of our damage and healing just doesn’t work on him. You can however easily kill him by kiting.

Watch videos below to learn how to play the build.



Grenado’s damage


Videos Rimetongue Sabouter vs. SR 75-76 5:46 run (no short rooms) Rimetongue Sabouter vs. Crucible 150-170 4:02 run Rimetongue Sabouter vs. Shard 90 4:39 run Rimetongue Sabouter vs. Crucible 150-170 “naked” ex 5:07 run (no buffs/no banners) Rimetongue Sabouter vs. Ravager 1:22 kill (~40% success rate when facetanking) Rimetongue Sabouter vs. Crate 55 seconds kill

In Conclusion

As much as I like this Sabouter I think itemization around it could use a bit of “freshening up” from Crate. This off-hand is literally a placeholder stat-stick here because there is no option that fits the build. And this off-hand is never used anywhere. Crescent Moon despite having strong mods lacks in raw %damage (which Sabouters are usually low on). It could be compensated with a little extra mod to Nightblade’s side of things (doesn’t have to be damage, could be %6 hp to Phantasmal Armor or something along those lines).


Thanks for the build, details and videos (it looks great with all these effects).
I’m writing in case someone is puzzled like me watching them…



This literally takes the build from 4 to 10 out of 10.


This build looks beautiful to play! Nice one!



Well I hope that’s not what takes it from 4 to 10 literally :sweat_smile:

Managed to kill Crate with this little Sabo, took me like 10 tries, it’s pretty hard with this build, not gonna lie :sob:

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No sense to take another Crescent moon and max out Double Blades to get the required phys res?
How does this build survive Ravager? The only heals are Pneumatic Burst and adtch from Blade Trap?

Cooldown reduction scales the damage and survivability on this one. With the off-hand I get 15% more than I would with the Crescent moon, which means lower cooldown on Grenado, Blade Trap, Blast Shield and Turtle. Dual-wielding is viable but worse.

It has around 50% success rate against Ravager when facetanking. I don’t think Blade Trap heals from him (because it doesn’t work on him). Secret is decent enough passive defenses (as much as you can squeeze out of this bad boy) and then adtch from grenado and chillspikes.

Plus Nightblade counters Ravager’s melee onslaught pretty well with its dodges and fumbles.

EDIT: There is also a bit of healing from the Ice and Fire ring.