( Vitality DEE Rotgheist Conjurer

Hello there, GD community…

Another build focused on nukin’ n running, this time made this leeching DEE bomber freak…

tbh, the char performance went better than i expected.

I tried to make the build less “piano” style and did not used Wendigo Totem and Storm Totem skills.

Playstyle is simple: debuff your enemies with CoF, BP, DS and then nuke them with DEE.

GT link: Conjurer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Any suggestions are welcome thank you for reading!

Abraço à turma do grupo GRIM DAWN BRASIL

Char stats (all buffs on)

Char Vit Dmg

Char phys + other resists

Avatar of mogdrogen: https://youtu.be/MNYavKDE35w?si=MYq-zZme2ick09mX

Callagadra: https://youtu.be/HJOgp8G1d1Y?si=FVkLkParoe0cd3a_

Ravager of Flesh: https://youtu.be/RSx5aMwFg3I?si=CGw03nb2xLjE0ig0

SR 80: https://youtu.be/fMNevVaHnX0?si=XVaG4la_HmxTsCln