[] Thunderbolt - The Primal Strike Warder [c+] [sr+]

So I understood that you have two versions of this build - one using savagery and one that doesn’t, latter being the better one. However there’s something I don’t understand, you (Slev1n) mentioned in some comment that you need the MI leggings otherwise you should use the savagery-build instead of this one. I cannot figure out why that is the reason. So in short, what’s the reason that you need those MI leggings to be able to use this non-savagery version?

First of all-resists, second-damage boost

А локара можно убить этим билдом?

локарр падает секунд за 15

Added Crucible run with some tweaks

I could do SR65-66 on Ultimate easily without the pants or shoes.

I just have to say, this build is super fun. I was coming up with something like this on my own, but seeing this guide took it to the next level, lol. I just love feeling insanely tanky.


Hello @Slev1n, great build! Are specific affixes on pants a must? I have a Magestorm of Fortitude, is that good enough? Also are the boots mandatory, I have Myth Stormtitan Treads which are pretty good I think. Thanks in advance.

Those green pants are BiS here, ofc those affexes are best but you can easy play with single rare version. Boots are craftable and gives you good defensive stats (boots were crafted to slow res and other items to physique)
New version of gt in the description

Btw it’s the fastest CR warder ever i guess😀

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Can it facetank Callagadra, Crate and SR 170?
Didn’t think so. (:


There’s no EVERYTHING++++ tag😅

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Build was updated to I will add EX naked CR vid later

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Added Ravager of Minds vid


nice solid build!
what do u think of anubar ringx2 on this build?

Anubar rings are good, but the main problem is that they don’t have attack speed

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What about Myth Cindertouch gloves here? Flat lightning and new patch gave AS/CS.

5% da☹️ but i will try them tomorrow and tag you here

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I am experimenting with them as well in SR, would appreciate an expert’s opinion on them. Thanks !

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so those 10%ish attack speed is more valuable to hire those epic rings?
since i am using 2 anubars im just wondering if the change could make some upgrade.

Yeah. Main problem in spam PS is -% total damage modifier from thunderous strike that affects your LL so attack speed is better here. 12% AS is too much to ignore