[] 2H Physical Witchblade - SR Set - NO green items - 75% physical resist [Callagadra, Crucible Gladiator 150-170 naked, SR90]

Hi all,

motivated by the build of @sk_choi, I tried another version of his build with SR set. This gives me more physical resist (75%) and hp (22.7k), but the damage is less (137k with permanent buffs). The build is very safe, as we have all resist over 20%, physical resist 75%, 22.6k HP, 3k DA-OA, 18% life steal, and good dmg output.

75% physical resist


I already tested with Callagadra, kill time is around 2:15 (naked around 3 mins). I am a noob in Crucible, but without difficulty, I can run 150-170 naked two times in a row within 11 mins (each time). I don’t play SR much, but from 75 to 85, I don’t need to use elixir/pharma. For 90, I am pretty sure I don’t need either. Killing time is pretty good. I don’t know if I can push it to further, I don’t have much time to try. I also include here two pics on SR 85 and SR 90. Here is the build, and pics. Comments and suggestion are welcome! Thanks for reading!

Naked vs Callagadra

Naked Crucible Gladiator 150-170



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A -10% physical resistance from the same ring does not stack. Replacing it with another ring that gives a -10% physical resistance reduction should improve performance.

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Thanks, it should optimize the build by replacing one ring by Bladetwister Signet. I used the two rings to have +skills for Cadence and Curse of Frailty, but cadence is already +14. Will try and test.

Updated, I changed the ring to Bladetwister Signet, and yes, the killing is now faster.

Updated pics on SR85 and SR90.